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Global Impact


M Family

North Africa

The M family lives in North Africa, working among Muslim Arabs and Berbers in transformational development and discipleship. Leadership development engagements recently have opened up influence in both French-speaking and English-speaking communities: from teaching leadership material to Antioch leaders, to participating in small group growth for Frontiers leaders, to speaking of the joy of a life on mission at our local church.

Deep jungles of North Thailand

Roger & Joanne Green


Roger and Joanne have been here in the Bay Area for the last year to serve their family with various needs. While they have been here, they have been working on various projects. Roger is helping several virtual Bible recordings including Tuvan (Russia); Nahuatl Huasteca (southern Mexico), Embera (Panama/Colombia); and Ayta Mag-indi, the language Joanne and Roger helped start the translation in the Philippines.


Rich and JoAnn Davis

Chisinau, Moldova

Rich and JoAnn Davis are currently here in the U.S., but they have still been able to continue ministry in Moldova and have also had some new opportunities arise. Rich has a discipleship ministry with remarkable young leaders. Joann has been able to meet online weekly with some women from Peru for a bible study. They have both been able to take some courses online that will help them further their ministry.

Islamic Man

K & B

Mena Region

K & B are with the Navigators. They serve, lead and shepherd the ministry of The Navigators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. K is the MENA Regional Director. Their calling is to advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations of the MENA region through spiritual generations of laborers and leaders living and discipling among the lost.

Bicycle in Europe

E & B


Since the beginning of the COVID lockdowns, E and B made the decision to fly back to the U.S. They continue to help the church in Kiev with church planting. This has challenged them to ask the following questions...What does church planting look like when people are afraid to come out of their dwelling and what  happens to church planter training when certain means of transport are shut down and groups aren’t allowed to gather? 


JeanJean & Kristie Mompremiere


United Christians International began in February 2005 with JeanJean and Kristie Mompremier's God-given desire to share JeanJean’s seminary training with the lay pastors of the area near Caiman (JeanJean’s home town). What began as a 3 month stay in the fall of 2005, has now grown into a nutrition center, health clinic, elementary school, university, seminary, and training center for medical and agricultural students.

Woman in a Field

John & Hortense Bullock


John and Hortense Bullock served as missionary doctors at the Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh for over 18 years. They now work from their home in Oregon and train students remotely through Skype in Orthopedic Technician training. Since their training is online, COVID has not affected their training.

Harvesting Tea Leaf


Southeast Asia

Trinity supports two families and two national missionaries serving the Hmong people in Southeast Asia. Our longest supported family provides on-the-ground leadership and training for nationals. The other family also provides leadership roles over activities in the region. The two nationals have taken responsibility for reaching their own people through visiting villages and translating parts of the bible in their native language.

TCL-36 (512x640).jpg

Cathie Lockwood


My name is Cathie Mompremier and I am serving here in Pignon, Haiti with my husband Edin! We are starting a new ministry called Twa Grenn. In English it means the Three Seeds. Our vision is to minister to the Fontaine community in the Pignon area by giving the seed of the Gospel, seeds to help people have their own gardens, and seed money to help start their own sustainable income. We don't know how long it will take to dig the well and other construction projects. However, we are waiting and trusting on God's timing! 


Nancy Navarro


Miriam was trained by her sister Nancy Navarro and leads the discipleship making movement from her home leading family and neighbors to Christ. Unfortunately, Miriam and her family contracted COVID and had to pause the training while they healed. Trinity Church and the Global Impact Team has been sending support so they can have a food pantry out of their home. They do not have the resources that we have here in the United States so Nancy has been leading this from Sunnyvale.

global Impact Staff

Ernie Morales

​If you would like more information or would like to volunteer in a global impact ministry, please contact Ernie at

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