Global Impact

The M family lives in North Africa, working among Muslim Arabs and Berbers in transformational development and discipleship. Their heart’s desire is simply to love Muslims in the name of Jesus with courage and with honor. Their primarily current project is catalyzing the formation of a community health center to serve an urban poor neighborhood. Other projects have included founding a children’s therapy center, providing wheelchairs to those who lack mobility, and distributing medical supplies to impoverished areas.

North Africa

M Family

Roger & Joanne Green serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Thailand and neighboring countries. The Greens facilitate discipleship training for small languages that often do not yet have a Bible translation. The training includes Bible storying, preaching, writing contextualized Bible studies, and harnessing local music and art forms to spread the good news. The Greens are also helping with the launch of the Northern Thai New Testament in 2017.


Roger & Joanne Green

Rich and JoAnn Davis recently finished their call in the Caribbean and are now in Eastern Europe. The Christian University in the capital city of Chișinău, Moldova (Eastern Europe) has been praying for qualified personnel to come and live in the country as professors and mentors. The call for mentors goes beyond the university campus. There are over 700 towns and villages in Moldova without a gospel witness. Some of the students and graduates are highly motivated to start churches in these needy places. There
couldn’t be a more attractive call for us as church planting is our heartbeat!

Chisinau, Moldova

Rich and JoAnn Davis

K & B are with the Navigators. They serve, lead and shepherd the ministry of The Navigators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. K is the MENA Regional Director. Their calling is to advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations of the MENA region through spiritual generations of laborers and leaders living and discipling among the lost.

Mena Region

K & B

E and B currently work from the Kiev region to help church planting
throughout the Ukraine. The provinces of Eastern Ukraine are now being fought over with Russia. However, these provinces lead the way in multiplication church planting. Many church planters who are leaving the war zone are now starting new churches wherever they go.


E & B

United Christians International began in February 2005 with JeanJean and Kristie Mompremier's God-given desire to share JeanJean’s seminary training with the lay pastors of the area near Caiman (JeanJean’s home town). What began as a 3 month stay in the fall of 2005, has now grown into a nutrition center, health clinic, elementary school, university, seminary, and training center for medical and agricultural students.


JeanJean & Kristie Mompremiere

John and Hortense Bullock served as missionary doctors at the Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh for over 18 years. They had returned home to Utah for health reasons. However, they continue to train students Remotely through Skype in “Orthopedic Technician Training”. While they are home, they focus on reaching the Mormon community around them.


John & Hortense Bullock

Trinity supports two families and two national missionaries serving the Hmong people in Southeast Asia. Our longest supported family provides on-the-ground leadership and training for nationals. The other family also provides leadership roles over activities in the region. The two nationals have taken responsibility for reaching their own people through visiting villages and translating parts of the bible in their native language.

Southeast Asia


global Impact Staff

Ernie Morales

​If you would like more information or would like to volunteer in a global impact ministry, please contact Ernie at

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