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Women's Group - Wednesdays 10:00 am – Starts September 9

Join us as we study the gospel of Luke together. We’ll walk with Jesus, listen to Him teach and see how He ministers to those who seem forgotten by the world – the poor, children, women and foreigners like Samaritans, along with the sinners and outcasts – those acutely aware of their need for a Savior. We’ll hear the parables and watch Him teach and challenge the Pharisees as well as His disciples on His relentless journey to the cross. This will be a year-long study.

You’ll be a part of an encouraging, caring group that weekly prays for each other. We will start online using Zoom until it is safe to meet in person again. Please contact Barbara Ho at or Sue Thayer at  for more information or if you’d like to join us.

“BY FAITH” - Hebrews 11

Women's Group - Wednesdays 6:30 pm – Starts September 9

The Trinity women’s Wednesday small group is embarking on the Bible study of People and Acts of Faith in Hebrews 11. We will be studying the lives and faith of Old Testament people mentioned in the “Hall of Faith” - Abel, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Rahab, Gideon, and many more. We will be discussing how God demonstrates His faithfulness to us and what “living by faith and not by sight” looks like. This study will surely help us grow in our faith and trust in God! If you have any questions contact Julie at


Men's Group - Wednesdays 6:30 pm - Starts September 16

"Whatever your opinion is of Jesus, you can’t deny his impact. Men left their careers to follow him. Prostitutes and extortionists reformed their ways. Grief-stricken women regained lost loved ones. One religious leader sought his wisdom while others sought to kill him. This study takes a compelling look at six very different encounters with Jesus and their impact on real, flesh-and-blood people. Sudden Impact helps you consider how you might respond if Jesus entered your world.  No one has all the answers, so there’s room for discussion. If there is any truth to the Bible’s stories about Jesus, then one thing he’d welcome are questions and opinions that come from honest, earnest hearts. For more information contact Jim at


Men's Group - Fridays 7:00 am - Starts September 11

B.I.G’s goal is to enjoy God, and one another’s company, we share challenges and victories and we use the Sunday sermon and related scriptures throughout the week to discover what the Lord is impressing upon us. Every man is welcome. For more information contact Jim Asselin at


Women’s Group - Fridays 6:00 pm

Living with anxiety, depression and other challenges is particularly daunting at this time of isolation and uncertainty. If you are a woman seeking a safe space to share burdens, learn from others, and discover healthy solutions through Biblical truth, Thrive Support is for you! We meet via Zoom on Friday evenings. Contact Phyllis Castren at

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BEFORE I GO - John 12-14

Wednesdays 7:30 pm - Starts September 9

Tom Greene is now at Shoreline Church in Monterey, but you still have a chance to take an online class with him this September!  This four week class will meet online.  The topic is a study of John 12-14 called "Before I Go".  If you want to see Tom give an overview click here.  You will have all day Wednesday to watch Tom’s 30 minute teaching, and then there will be a Google discussion from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. For more information or to sign up for the course, email Tom at


Here is an outline of the course:

  • September 9 -  Chapter 12 (who is Jesus and how do we respond to him);

  • September 16 -  Chapter 13 (Jesus knows exactly what he is doing and what he wants us doing)

  • September 23 -  Chapter 14:1-14 (Through Jesus we know our Heavenly Father and have a way to Him)

  • September 30 -  Chapter 14:15-31 (The Holy Spirit is God living and working in followers of Jesus)


Thursdays 6:30 pm - Starts September 17

Politics and religion are two things you aren't supposed to talk about, but that is exactly what we are going to do.  First, we will look at each issue from a Biblical perspective highlighting what God’s Word is clear on and what are the overall guiding principles to consider.  Then we will hear from one another on the issues: what can we all agree on, what are the predominant positions, and what are the unanswered questions we might have.  This is NOT an avenue to advocate for a personal political conviction or party, but a public discussion of the issues where the highest authority is God’s Word and the humble attitude of Jesus is sought in listening to one another.


This forum will be a mix of a small teaching time and a larger discussion time on Zoom.  In order to facilitate a safe and productive event, every participate must sign-up to get the Zoom link.  Only those whose names are on the sign-up list will be allowed into the forum.  If you would like to invite a friend that is fine, but please sign them up as well so they are on the list.  In order to sign up, send an email to pastor Joel at


Below are the dates and topics we hope to cover.  We expect to learn much from this process, so changes may be made as we go.


Sept. 17 – The Role of Government

Sept. 24 – Government Help and Individual Determination

Oct. 1 – Equality for Race, Sex, and the Immigrant. 

Oct. 8 – Justice, Law, and Order

Oct. 15 – The Role of the U.S. in the World

Oct. 22 – Managing Our Environment and Natural Resources

Oct. 29 – Religious Freedom, Issues, & Character in Leadership



Forum Guidelines

  • No Names – This is a forum on the issues not a vehicle to tear down or promote any particular person.  We will NOT talk about candidates, but we will talk about issues from a Christian perspective.  Then you can apply what you learned to the candidates on your own.

  • Facts Matter – One of the challenges in today’s world is the wealth of information that is simply not true.  If you are going to quote a fact or study, please come with the source information so others can check out the facts for themselves.

  • Represent Yourself – One of the main points of this forum is to provide a place for people to personally wrestle over issues and prayerfully make up their own minds on what or who to support.  You may have a favorite author or political pundit you follow, but we don’t want their convictions - but yours.  Leave the talking points at home and come with an open mind.

  • Be Humble – We all have an ego and fundamentally believe we make common sense decisions, and we all want others to reflect how we think.  This is pride in all of us.  Please come prepared to listen and learn something.  If you just want to convert others to your point of view, this forum is not for you.

  • Follow the Leader – In order for this forum to work, we all will have to follow the rules and respect the moderator.  You will have a chance to speak, but you will have to wait your turn.  In order to give as many people a chance to share as possible, the moderator may not let you speak too long or multiple times.  Please think through what you would like to say and what is most important to say, before you come.



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