Classes & Groups


Sundays - 11:30 am - Starts January 30

Are you looking to discover more about Trinity Church or perhaps you would like to get more involved?  Whether you are looking to join the church or simply get more information, we would like to invite you to join the Discovery class led by Pastor Joel King.  This three week class starts Sunday, January 30 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.  In this class you can ask questions and find out more about . . .

  • What Trinity Church is trying to accomplish

  • Our core values and beliefs

  • And how to get more involved

For more information contact Pastor Joel King.  

small groups
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Women's Group - Mondays 6:00 p.m.

 Thrive Support is for women seeking to manage anxiety, depression, or other emotional health issues that get in the way of their lives, relationships, faith. We will continue to meet via Zoom until the end of January. Stay tuned for what comes next. Meanwhile, feel free to reach out if you need support. Our goal is to move step by step, from strength to strength with hope - building resilience.

For more information contact Phyllis Castren.

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Men's Group – Mondays 6:30 pm - Starts January 10

Following on from Pastor Malcolm’s The Big Picture, this group will be looking at The Big Text. This men’s small group will focus on one huge foundational Bible text each week. The verse will act as the basis of our understanding of a particular crucial Bible concept, from which we will use other scripture to understand.

There will be opportunities to discuss and ask questions. The course is designed to give each attender a strong basic understanding of what Christianity is, what the main message of the Bible is, and how we should live our lives within that understanding. For more info contact Pastor Malcolm.

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Mixed Group – Tuesdays 7:00 pm - Starts January 11

God’s Word is both relevant and true, and you believe it. Now what? Is having a sound knowledge of the truth all there is?

Consider joining us on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM as we work through A.W. Tozer’s famous book The Pursuit of God and together we seek to discover the deeper purpose of our Christian faith; not simply salvation, but transformative relationship.


This study will take place in public, primarily outdoors and at differing desert establishments. If you would like to join us please sign up and purchase the A.W. Tozer’s book The Pursuit of God.   For more information contact Pastor Cory


Women's Group - Wednesdays 10:00 am – Starts January 12

Women! Join us for our new study of the book of Colossians beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 12 at 10 AM. We meet in the Trinity courtyard – heaters help keep us cozy! This is a caring group of women who faithfully pray for each other and love God’s word!

Why study Colossians? Paul characterized the people in the Colossian church as having faith in Jesus and love for each other. Yet they were in danger of being deluded by worldly ideas and philosophies. Sound familiar? To combat this influence, he encourages them to focus on knowing Christ – the creator of everything and the One who holds all things together; the Lord over all; the One who forgives and redeems us, and rescues us from the dominion of darkness. Colossians will challenge us to focus on Jesus and to remain steadfast! Are you up for this challenge? Please contact Barbara Ho or Sue Thayer for more information or if you’d like to join us.


Men's Group - Wednesdays 6:30 pm - Starts January 12

Fight Club is a Men’s Small Group Bible study that emphasizes walking in the Spirit as the primary means of spiritual growth.  We fight together, arm-in-arm, to let the Holy Spirit lead and guide us on our journey.  This winter at Fight Club we will examine practical responses to God’s grace, recognition of false teaching and prophesy regarding the Last Days, presented in first & second Peter and Jude. Contact Jim Thayer for more information.


Women's Group - Wednesdays 6:30 pm – Starts January 19

Join us for this in-depth Bible study of the book of Ephesians, as we read God's word and discuss our identity and blessings in Christ. What does our life look like when Christ dwells in us? How are we to walk worthy of his calling?  We will continue to meet on Zoom from 6:30-8:00 p.m. with some special breaks for in-person gatherings. 

For more information, contact Julie Bruechert.

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Men's Group - Fridays 7:00 am - Ongoing

B.I.G’s goal is to enjoy God, and one another’s company, we share challenges and victories and we use the Sunday sermon and related scriptures throughout the week to discover what the Lord is impressing upon us. Every man is welcome. For more information contact Jim Asselin.