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What We Do

Jesus did not say that the whole world should go to church; He said the church should go to the whole world. Jesus didn’t just share the Good News, He had compassion on the people and helped them with their hurts and needs.  Likewise we need have a God-given burden to go to where people are, care about them, and reach out to them in the name of Jesus.

Serve Our Community

We believe that as Jesus served, we must serve also.  This call to serve isn't just for inside the confines of our church building, but it beckons us into the community around us which God loves deeply.  At Trinity Church we are continually looking for opportunities to serve our neighbors and partner with organizations that are doing the same. 

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Gateway Neighbor-hood Center is a 32,000 square foot facility provided by Trinity Church to serve the needs of the North Sunnyvale Neighbor-hood and the wider community.  The center provides sports, recreation, services, and educational opportunities for youth and families, and is home to a variety of non-profits that all work together .

Serve Our Church

The church is us: people who love and follow after Jesus.  It was Jesus who said that the outside world will know that we are His disciples by the way we love one another.  Serving in the church is a vehicle to discover how the Lord can use us. It also provides us the opportunity to learn the humility of Christ in a safe environment where others are also learning and growing. 

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