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Local Impact



Trinity STAY-N-PLAY is an indoor playtime designed for kids ages 0 to 5 and their moms-dads-caregivers to connect in a fun, creative environment while the kids play. Each week builds on a theme and includes interactive activity centers, arts and crafts, snacks, a bounce house and a circle time with songs and games. We meet the second and fourth Friday's of the month.


Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival is an event around October 31st where Trinity Church provides games, food, candy, etc. for our community.  It is a fun event where kids dress up in costumes and play in jump houses, mazes, and other carnival activities.

Happy Little Girl

Help One Child

This ministry provides support and networking services for families that are facing a crisis or challenge that could put their children at risk of removal. It also provides services to those who have taken on the responsibility of caring for children through foster care or as a temporary host family through Safe Families for Children.



InFaith provides nondenominational ecclesiastical endorsement to U.S. military chaplains, military chaplain candidates, and hospital chaplains. Jim Asselin is one of those chaplains serving the City of Sunnyvale. He provides counseling and prayer to Sunnyvale’s police and fire departments along to families who have been touched by tragedies throughout the city. 


Gateway Neighborhood Center

Gateway Neighborhood Center is a 32,000 square-foot facility provided by Trinity Church to primarily serve the needs of the North Sunnyvale neighborhood through sports, family services, and educational opportunities. We currently employ a part-time local missionary with the purpose of connecting people to Jesus.

Man Walking

Downtown Streets Team

Downtown Streets Team (DST) exists to end homelessness through the dignity of work. They provide men and women who are homeless and low-income with the resources to rebuild their lives, including opportunities to work on beautification projects and receive non-cash stipends to provide for their basic needs. DST also provide case management services to help and housing and employment.



Hunt is a large spring time event around Easter where Trinity Church serves our community by providing an Easter Egg Hunt and fair for the children at a local elementary school.  We partner with local police/fire departments to provide safety and health training as well.  

Mother and Daughter

House of Grace

House of Grace is a program run by City
team Ministries designed to allow addicted, abused or homeless women to rebuild their lives without being separated from their young children. It is a 12 to 14 month residential program where women can compete their high school education, attend 12-step meetings, and participate in life skills classes.


Golden Heart Dove

The Golden Heart Dove Foundation is a non-profit organization that uses Christian media to raise money and awareness for the cause of the underprivileged around the world. Currently Golden Heart Dove is raising awareness helping to provide a Christian education for orphaned children, creating sustainable economics and supplying meals to the hungry in Nicaragua.

Raising Hands

Reach Potential

Reach Potential Movement equips under-resourced youth and families with leadership, learning and life skills to strengthen our community. This is done by providing Reading Readiness after school tutoring, Baile Folklorico Dancing, Culinary programs, Robotics, Bible club, mentoring and more. RPM is the primary partner of Gateway Neighborhood Center.

Support Group

Christian Counseling Center

Christian Counseling Centers was established in 1983 as a non-denominational, non-profit community mental health agency. It is the largest provider of Christian counseling and psychotherapy services in Northern California, with multiple locations including Trinity Church in Sunnyvale. Their mission is to provide comprehensive and effective services integrated with Christian beliefs and values.


Bookshelf Project

The Bishop Bookshelf Project is a partnership of  Trinity Church and Reach Potential Movement who work together to help the new class of kindergartners at Bishop Elementary School by providing them books and bookshelves. They decorate the shelves, participate in crafts, and choose books with their parents to understand the importance of education.

Routine Pregnancy Checkup

Real Options

Real Options Pregnancy Medical Clinics are licensed community care clinics providing free medical consultations, pregnancy tests, ultrasound exams, STD education, prenatal care, adoption support services, material support, after abortion help, and prevention education since 1981. Real Options has clinics in Mountain View, East and Central San Jose and Union City.

Cave Explorer


Compelled is a ministry led by Tim Reilly that encourages, equips and empowers followers of Jesus to grow spiritually as they become disciple makers who make disciple makers.We do this through trainings, itinerant speaking, consulting and personal relationships.



Larry F. Wildemuth has been the Chaplain at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center since April 1997. Larry and his staff average 285 hours per month ministering to 500 patients and their families, and 150 staff members. Larry leads a volunteer staff of 50 chaplains and welcomes and trains new volunteers into this ministry as the needs of the patients and staff are great. Many individuals have come to know Christ as their Savior and many have also recommitted their lives to Christ. The Spiritual Care Line is (408) 885-6996.

Local Impact Staff

Ernie Morales

​Ernie leads the overall local impact ministries.  If you would like more information or would like to volunteer in a local impact ministry please contact Ernie at

Nancy Navarro

Nancy is a Gateway Neighborhood Center Chaplain and is very involved with the many services that the Center provides.  For questions you can contact Nancy at

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