2020 Annual

Budget Meeting

Sunday - August 30 - 11:15 am


It's that time a year where we have our Trinity Church Annual Budget Meeting. Of course, it will look a little different this year as we make some adjustments for the Covid environment we are currently in.  You will have a couple of choices in attending the meeting. First, you may attend live. Just sign up for the regular Sunday morning 10:00 am service and stick around for the Budget Meeting to follow. Second, you may attend online. Just like the service on Sunday morning we will stream the Business Meeting. For those joining us online, you will be able to ask questions using the discussion format on either Facebook Live or the chat feature if you use svtrinity.freeonlinechurch.com/live.


In terms of procedure, we hope to have enough people live that will fulfill a quorum, if not we will take a count of those members online as well through the chat features. For the normal ballot voting, Trinity Church members will have three options.

  1. Option - If you are present at the meeting, you can drop your ballot in the ballot box at the end of the meeting

  2. Option - You can fill out your ballot at home and drop it by the office on either Wednesday, September 2, from 9:00 to 1:00 pm or Friday, September 4, from 9:00 to 1:00 pm.

  3. Option - You can fill out your ballot at home and mail it to the church. Please note that the ballot needs to arrive by Friday, September 4, when we pick up the mail at the post office. So please make sure to mail your ballot on Monday.

Our church constitution does not allow for proxy voting, so each ballot will need to be signed. You will notice that the ballot will have two halves. The top half will be the ballot that you will use to vote, and the bottom half will be a section to print your name and sign. When we receive your ballot someone will authenticate the name is on our membership roles, and then all sheets will be cut in half so those who tally the ballots will only see the ballot portion.


The ballots themselves will be emailed to members by August 28th and will also be available to download online here.


2020-21 BUDGET

Below you will find the links to two files. The first is the budget we are presenting to the membership for approval. This is the budget we will vote on. The second budget sheet is for your information only. These are interesting times and it requires a different approach. In any given year, the elders are taking an educated guess on what the budget for the following year might look like, but these are special times. So the elders are going to take a different approach this year. We will use the tired budget as a guide and start the year off using the reduced budget in red. If all seems to be going well, we will shift to the budget in blue, and if we seem like we are on tract we will finally shift to the approved budget in green. Obviously, voting on each budget could be cumbersome, which is why we are asking you to vote on just the one budget. But we also wanted you to know our approach in these challenging times.


2020-21 Trinity Church Budget (Voting on)

2020-21 Three Tiered Budget (For your reference)


We are pleased to announce that the Nominating Committee will ask you to affirm Keke Lepulu as the newest elder of Trinity Church. We feel very blessed that he has agreed to trust God and take on the important mantle of shepherding God's flock at Trinity Church.


Saturday: 6:30 pm (by reservation)

Sunday, 10:00 am (by reservation)

Sunday, 10:00 am ONLINE

Office: 408-739-6659

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