Trinity STAY-N-PLAY is an indoor playtime designed for kids ages 0 – 5 and their moms/dads/caregivers to connect in a fun, creative environment while the kids play. Each week builds on a theme and includes interactive activity centers, arts and crafts, snacks, a bounce house and a cir­cle time with songs and games. We meet the second and fourth Friday's of the month.

seven distinct, large areas for play

The Nursery

Play in the ball pit, build a tower with mega blocks, or create a town with Little People in our nursery targeting the younger crowd

The Lighthouse Room

Do some coloring, play games like soccer or bowling, and enjoy yummy snacks

The Pretend Room

Create adventures with lots of dress ups and items for imaginative play.

The Craft Room

Enjoy the play-doh cen­ter, the coloring area, and a craft that relates to the theme of the day.

The Builders and Movers Room

Play with animals, trucks, and trains and build with blocks of all shapes and sizes.

The Gross Motor Room

Climb, slide, spin, balance, and jump. This room is a favorite for children who like bounce houses.

The Reading Room

Stimulate thought with lots of wonderful books, puzzles and puppets.

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Stay-N-Play Staff

​If you would like more information you can check us out on the Stay-N-Ply Facebook page or contact Malcolm at

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Saturday: 6:30 pm (by reservation)

Sunday, 10:00 am (by reservation)

Sunday, 10:00 am ONLINE

Office: 408-739-6659

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