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Lyn's Bio

Lyn is a transplant from the prairies of Western Oklahoma. She loved the farm life; hauling hay, milking cows, helping with wheat harvest, chopping cotton and endless hours of horseback riding in the canyons on the farm. Needless to say California was the last place on earth she thought she’d ever live. However, growing up in a Christian home and attending her little country church (Pleasant View Mennonite Church in Hydro, Oklahoma) set the tone for a lifetime of being willing to follow wherever God would lead. After getting a degree from Bible College in Omaha, Nebraska Lyn used her college experience to work while traveling and living in Europe, Wisconsin, Alaska, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, she eventually ended up on the West Coast where she met and married her best friend Joel King. Lyn and Joel have 4 young adult children and 1 grand-daughter.

Lyn enjoys serving and organizing daily details while helping to keep things running as smoothly as possible at Trinity.

In her spare time you might find her gardening, volunteering at the high school FFA farm, caring for her chickens, taking care of her grand-daughter, sewing, quilting, window shopping, helping out her neighbors and having unplanned spiritual conversations with acquaintances or complete strangers.

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