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Joel's Bio


Joel was born in Casper, Wyoming and was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. His father was raised in an orthodox Jewish home, but became a follower of Jesus through the Christian Business Men’s Association. The faith of both Joel’s parents had a profound influence on him and he devoted his life to ministry at the age of eleven. Joel started college attending Biola University in 1988 and ended up graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a major in Sociology and a minor in Women's Studies in 1993. He then worked in a home for teens recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in Gilroy. In 1996, Joel married his best friend, Lyn. They have four adopted children, Brittany (born 1999), Jesse (born 2001), Hailey (born 2002), Troy (born 2003), and one grand-daughter, Elaina (born 2019). He has worn many hats in his 20 years of ministry including custodian, children, families, small groups, and discipleship ministries.  Joel started his ministry as lead pastor of Trinity Church January 1, 2011. 

A Few Random Facts

Music - Joel was a Country Disc Jockey for five years.

Sports – While playing high school football, Joel once got a penalty for “praying in the end zone” . . . 15 yards!


Movies – Joel has a collection of over 50 John Wayne movies.


Relationships – Joel and his lovely bride, Lyn, went on their first romantic date one month AFTER they got engaged!


Interests – Joel loves the live theatre and believes every man should see “Les Miserables” and take his wife to see “Phantom of the Opera”.

Joel’s Lifeography

  • 1970 – Born in Casper, Wyoming

  • 1978 – Moved to Victorville, CA

  • 1980 – Started attending Victor Valley Christian School (5th -12th grade)

  • 1981 – Committed his life to fulltime vocational ministry

  • 1983 – Became a licensed lay minister for the United Methodist Church

  • 1984 – First job as a disc jockey (KCIN)

  • 1986 – Part of a team that won the High School Football Small School Championship

  • 1988 – Graduated high school as Valedictorian (graduating class of 18 people)

  • 1988 – Started College at Biola University (Majored in Bible, Minor in Psychology)

  • 1989 – Went on a missions trip to Honduras

  • 1989 – Worked a summer at Taco Bell (Fry cook, kept him in college)

  • 1990 – Worked at a summer camp in Scotts Valley, CA (Mission Springs)

  • 1990 – Switched to Cal State University of Fullerton (Major in Sociology, Minor in Women’s Studies)

  • 1990 – Joined a national fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi

  • 1991 – Met and worked with the woman who would someday become his wife (Lyn Shantz)

  • 1991 – Started attending the college group at Santa Cruz Bible Church led by a Texan (Steve Clifford)

  • 1992 – Took a trip to Jordan and Israel

  • 1993 – Graduated from Cal State Fullerton: Bachelors in Sociology

  • 1993 – Joel’s dad went to be with the Lord

  • 1995 – Took a trip across America, visited 42 states in three months

  • 1995 – Started working at Santa Cruz Bible Church as a janitor

  • 1995 – Started seminary

  • 1996 – Proposed to Lyn on April Fool’s Day; married her on August 24th

  • 1999 – Graduated from Western Seminary: Masters of Divinity

  • 1999 – Became the Elementary Pastor at Santa Cruz Bible

  • 2000 – Brittany came to live with Joel & Lyn at four months old

  • 2001 – Became the Children’s Pastor at Westgate Church

  • 2001 – Jesse came to live with Joel & Lyn as a newborn

  • 2002 – Hailey & Troy came to live with Joel & Lyn at 1½ and 2½ years old

  • 2006 – Became the Discipleship Pastor at Westgate Church

  • 2007 – Started the Doctorate of Ministry program at Western Seminary

  • 2008 – Took a life changing missions trip to Haiti

  • 2009 – Took his family to Haiti for a missions trip

  • 2010 – Served as Interim Lead Pastor at Lincoln Glen Church in San Jose

  • 2011 – Started as the Lead Pastor at Trinity Church of Sunnyvale

  • 2012 - Joel's Mom went to be with the Lord

  • 2012 – Visited the underground church in China

  • 2013 – Joined a training program as a teacher for pastors in Haiti

  • 2014 – Graduated from Western Seminary: Doctor of Ministry

  • 2016 - Keynote speaker at the first ever graduation of the Haitian University started by United Christians International

  • 2018 - Joined the U.S. board for United Christians International

  • 2019 - Joel & Lyn's daughter, Brittany, gives birth to their first grandchild, Elaina Danielle King

  • 2022 - Became a Cohort Leader for Fidelis International Seminary

  • 2023 - Joined the board of Fidelis International Seminary

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