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Ernie's Bio

Jesus drew me to him when I was in my twenties. I grew up in a loving family.  However, I didn’t have much exposure to the church.  For me it was a radical change because I was real good at doing my own thing and whatever I wanted to do.  When I put my faith in Jesus, I was so happy that I was forgiven that I couldn’t help but want to live for Him. 

 I started volunteering in Sunday school and then in the Youth Ministry and was having a lot of fun growing and helping other students grow.  Then one day as I was working in sales for a software company, I woke up and realized that I want to work with youth full time and wanted to be a pastor.   It was an awesome feeling knowing that God had a plan and calling for my life.  God was preparing me along the way and eventually I was hired as a Youth Pastor.  I’ve been working with youth and children for over 13 years and have loved living in God’s plan for my life. 

 In 2011, my wife Becky and I were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and we were married a year and a half later.  The first time we ever talked on the phone it went for almost 5 hours.  However, before I even talked to her, the Lord told me it was going to be something special.  By marrying Becky I am now the father of a beautiful daughter named Zoe.  They are both full of life and energy and I love that we all laugh together a lot! 

 I am at my best as a leader and pastor when I am seeing and inspiring others to see the future for themselves and the church.  Then, spotting the pathways and patterns to help them move to that vision with wisdom.  I love people and I am very thankful to be doing what I was created to do!

What do you listen to on your ipod or radio:  I listen to worship music and podcasts or my favorite speakers.  I also listen to a lot of sports radio when I’m in the car. 

Least favorite chore:  Dishes hands down!  I like cleaning the kitchen but leave the dishes for Zoe.


Favorite Food:  Pizza.  My favorite place is called Pirate Pizza in the little town that I grew up in. My daughter doesn’t like pizza so I am still praying for her.

What is one thing that is surprising about you:  Although I live in the Bay Area, I am a HUGE Dodgers fan.  My mood is affected by whether they win or lose.  I know I need help but they haven’t created a 12-step program for that yet.  :)

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