Visiting a church for the first time can be nerve-racking. But having an idea of what to expect can help. So we came up with a list of some of the questions you may be asking and tried to answer them below. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

What do people normally wear?

We’re a pretty casual church. You won’t see many folks in a shirt and tie. In fact, shorts and t-shirts are common in the summer months, but feel free to wear whatever makes you comfortable. Our pastors are usually found in jeans and a comfy shirt.

How will I know what to do?

We understand that going into a religious environment can be intimidating. There is always a fear that you might embarrass yourself because you do or say the wrong thing. At Trinity Church there are no secret handshakes or special ways of doing things that you have to know. We try and clearly mark everything so you can find your way around, and you can always ask as we are used to having guests that have a question or two. Most folks stand when we sing songs and sit for the talking parts, but you will see that even this is optional.

Will my kids like it?

We try hard to design a church experience just for kids and teenagers which are separate from the main program designed for the adults. The lessons are fun and approachable and taught by committed volunteers and staff who serve Jesus by serving you and your kids. For times and specific information, please check out the individual ministry page by clicking on the ministries link above.

What kind of church are you?

Trinity Church is a modern, Bible believing, Christian church. At the center of it all we teach about Jesus. And while this might mean you’ll learn some things on how to be a better person, how to have a better marriage, or how to be more fulfilled in life—that’s not really our main goal. Because without Jesus, nothing matters. It’s because of Jesus that we can be a better person. Only Jesus can transform a life that leads to true fulfillment. This means we teach from the Bible, because the Bible is all about Jesus.

What is the program like?

The services or program varies from week to week as we try hard not to do the same old thing all the time. However, there are some elements that show up most weeks. There is modern music, a teaching time, announcements on what’s happening, and for those who call Trinity Church home, there is an offering. Services usually last about an hour and a half with hang out time before and after.