Important Dates Coming Up

  • August 20th, Sunday - Q&A for Constitution & 2017/2018 Budget

  • August 27th, Sunday - Church Lunch & Business Meeting: Vote on New Constitution & 2017/2018 Budget

  • September 15-17th, Fri.-Sun. - Pregnancy Loss Retreat (Formerly known as Rachel's Vineyard)

Trinity Church Constitution

After much prayer and tireless effort we finally have a revised draft of our Constitution. More importantly, it was truly a group effort as the end result reflects not just the faithful work of our elders, but the input of many in the church body at large. It isn’t a perfect document, but I do believe it represents who we are and how we want to function as a church.

Here is final draft of the proposed constitution.

Constitution Final Draft 2017.pdf

Here is a side by side comparison of the proposed constitution and the constitution as it was (Changes are highlighted in yellow).

Constitution Comparison Final Draft 2017.pdf

Here is a copy of the Standing Rules as approved by the Board of Elders. 

Standing Rules Final Draft 2017.pdf

Main Events

2017/18 Budget & Revised Constitution Q&A, Sunday Aug. 20

If you have any questions about either the proposed Constitution or 2017/18 Budget there will be a Q&A time in room 206 at 12:30pm on Sunday, August 20th.

Annual Business Meeting, Sunday August 27

We hope that you will be able to attend the annual business meeting. We will begin at 12:30 with lunch. The staff will give you a report on much that God has done in the last year, and what we hope He will do in the year to come. Finally, we will not only vote on the revised Constitution but we will also vote on the 2017/18 annual budget.

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