Titus 3


Bob Relyea


Titus 3:1-15


1) We must be obedient to those God has placed over us (including civil an vocational authorities)

2) we should be kind to others and not tear them down.

3) this applies especially to those who aren't kid to us- because we were that way once.

4) we are better now only because we are responding  to God's kindness to us. Especially how he saved us not by our works but by his works.

- God's work= his spirit transforming us

- we are justified by faith.

5) Our good works flows from our faith.

6) We are to avoid minor doctrinal quarrels.

7) we are to be united not divisive.

8) divisiveness comes from sin.

9) Paul gives Titus specific tasks including:

- taking time to travel to his mentor.

- providing hospitality and support to migrant Christian workers.

10) Paul says these are additional ways we can do Good Works.


1) We should be known for own kindness in our community not for our arrogance, mean spiritedness, or even one aggressive self-defense.

2) We should also be known for our kindness to our fellow believers, and not for our quarrelsomeness.

3) We should support those who are dedicated to the gospel.

4) All of this is only possible with God's Spirit working within us.



We as the Church have not been good at anything that you commanded us in Titus 3. We squabble over minor points of doctrine, and we have even taken up arms against our fellow believers throughout history.

Even today, we battle our leaders and belittle those we disagree with. We attack others in your name, damaging your reputation.

Forgive us for our arrogance and transform us with your spirit. Give us your spirit of unity, and help us live up your standard as you laid out in Titus 3.

In your name, Amen

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Thanks Bob,
Your observation that our good works flow from our faith underscores to me that my efforts to do good ought to follow an even greater effort to be in relationship with God - walking in the dust of the master - for when there is no evidence that the good works flow from God's love and purpose, there is just empty do-gooding to make myself feel better - the funny (or sad) thing is that it is often a cheap substitute for not having spent time with God and it can be driven by guilt (cheap repentance) or pride (no repentance) and the message/image bearer (me) stands unattractive and ineffective.
Amen to your prayer, Lord, transform us with your spirit.

Wed, July 8, 2015 @ 8:15 AM

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