Romans 9


Joel King


Romans 9:1-33


· Paul briefly turns his attention to the Jewish people
· He laments that more of them have not embraced the Messiah
· He points out that they were blessed as they were chosen by God, received the covenants from God, received the law, received the temple, and received God’s promises.
· He argues that God did not break his promise to Israel because they all haven’t come to faith for not everyone who is of the nation of Israel is truly of Israel
· Abraham had to natural sons (Ishmael & Isaac), but only one son received the promise
· So not everyone who is naturally born Jewish receives the blessing, but those who respond to the promise
· Likewise, Isaac had two sons but God only chose one for the promised blessing. God chose the older to serve the younger (He quotes Malachi 1:2-3, to show God’s sovereignty)
· Paul asks the question his audience is thinking. Is God then unjust because he chooses some and not others?
· The answer is a quote from Exodus 33:19, God chooses who he will mercy and compassion on.
· It is not we who make the effort to draw near to God, but in God’s mercy he draws us
· Paul quotes Exodus 9:16 about Pharaoh’s hardened heart and then argues it is up to God if he decides to draw someone to him in mercy or harden their heart further to use them for his glory
· Paul puts forth another argument someone might make. Then how can God blame us for our misdeeds if God has all the power?
· Paul’s answer is that mankind has no place to question God for he is the creator and has the right to form people for whatever purposes he chooses
· Then Paul puts forth a “What if” argument (something just to think about)
· What if God shows great patience with those who aren’t his children just so his children might see how patient and loving God is with them?
· For God has called his children from both the Jews and the Gentiles
· He quotes Hosea 2:23 & 1:10, that God calls those children who weren’t originally his children (Gentiles)
· Then he quotes Isaiah 10:22-23 that only the remnant or part of Israel will be saved, and 1:9 that the only reason the Jews weren’t entirely judged was because God reserved a remnant for himself.
· He concludes that the Gentiles have received by faith in the Messiah what the Jews did not in trying to keep the law. This was also written in the prophet Isaiah (8:14 & 28:16)


· Paul models here how much we should love and lament the lostness of those far from Jesus
· These are some hard verses, but what is clear to me is how blessed I am that God in his mercy extended himself to me.
· I don’t know the who and why behind those that God chooses, but that shouldn’t slow me down in searching for and sharing with all that need to hear about Jesus


I am humbled by your choice to extend grace to me. I confess that I am so selfish that without your initiating I most likely would of went my own way. Thank you for your mercy. Open my eyes to others that you have extended your mercy to. Keep me from prejudging with my own eyes who should and shouldn’t receive your grace. Help me share your grace with everyone no matter what I see, that your work might be done in and through those you choose. Please extend your mercy to my family. In Jesus Name I Pray. AMEN

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
This is a hard chapter, but not as hard as my heart. While trying to put God in a box, my pride begins to judge God's motives and justice but I am quickly reminded that without God there is no justice, and all that I (we) do to enact justice and fairness apart from Him second guesses God's sovereign will. I want to be the clever one, the reasonable one - forgive me Lord. I have an atheist friend who has been the benefactor of being raised in a home where Christian values were esteemed, but he won't give an inch in admitting that his existence has benefitted from it. And while he rants against God he enjoy things such as a day of rest during the week - two actually during the weekend. He enjoys freedoms that have been wrought from a biblical worldview in his society.......and on and on it goes. I am not far from my atheist friend for I often take for granted that life and breath and being come from my Heavenly Father, but for the mercy and grace of God I exist and know Him. Lord, keep me content in this knowlege.

Tue, May 26, 2015 @ 6:28 AM

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