Romans 8


Joel King


Romans 8:1-39


· Based on what Paul has just argues, he concludes that those who have faith in Jesus do not have to worry about condemnation
· Because the Spirit in us has freed us from the law which points out sin that leads to death
· For the law could not make us right before God because our flesh was weak, but God sent Jesus in the form of man so Jesus could be our sin offering
· Jesus as a sin offering completely met the requirements of the law so we can now live in step with God’s Spirit in us
· Those who live according to sinful flesh are consumed with pursuing the things that feeds the flesh, their thinking leads to death, they are hostile to God, and cannot please God
· Those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things that pleases the Holy Spirit, and their thinking brings life and peace
· If we belong to Christ then we have the Holy Spirit living in us and are no longer controlled by the destructive natural desires
· And since this is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead we have the power to live a new life
· We have an obligation to the Spirit now, who leads us away from the flesh
· We no longer have an obligation to our desires because that leads to death
· If you have the Holy Spirit you are a son or daughter of God, and as such you don’t worry about his punishment, but rather you can talk to him directly and call him “daddy”
· The Holy Spirit in us confirms that we are God’s children and will definitely inherit eternal life along with Christ
· For a season here on earth we will suffer like Jesus did, but in the end we will be glorified like him as well
· Whatever the trouble is now it is nothing compared to the blessings then
· Even the creation waits for that day, it is a shell of what will be when all is set right again
· Creation can’t wait for this day and those who know and follow Jesus can’t wait for that day when our adoption is complete and we receive new bodies that aren’t set on self-destruction
· This is what we hope for, it isn’t something we fully experience now, which is why we hope for it and wait patiently
· As we wait the Spirit helps us when we are weak. He even prays on our behalf for things that we don’t even know we need, but he does just as God does.
· In light of this fact, if God is for us, who can be against us? NOBODY!
· For God didn’t even withhold Jesus, his son, in letting him be crucified for us. Since this is true is there anything else he would hold back from us? NOTHING!
· Nobody can bring a charge against you, only God can judge and He has already declared you right with him
· Even now, Jesus is at the right hand of God declaring his love for you and that he died for you.
· Even though we face hard times now, nothing in the end will separate us from the love of Jesus
· Because of Jesus we are more than conquerors, we have won
· For nothing in heaven, on earth, man-made, or spiritually made. Nothing you could ever imagine could separate God from his children who know Him through Christ. NOTHING!


· All my sins have been paid for and are no longer an issue between me and God
· The result of Jesus’ sacrifice is that I now have the Holy Spirit living in me, and my responsibility is to follow his lead and he leads me to true life.
· I need to constantly remind myself that I am a child of God, a precious heir to the kingdom of God, and God favors me
· Both the Holy Spirit and Jesus are active advocates on my behalf.
· Nothing can now separate me from God’s love!


Thank you for loving me so whole heartedly and so completely. Thank you for removing the barrier between you and I. Thank you for a love that will never quit and will never give up. Empower me to keep my eyes on your Spirit that I might live a life that is full of your love and peace. May I experience all that you offer me here in this broken world as I try and wait patiently for the glorious one to come. In Jesus Name I Pray. AMEN

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