Romans 6:19-23


Joel King


Romans 6:19-23


· Paul is giving a human illustration to represent a spiritual principle about our human nature.
· In the past we were willing enslaved ourselves to our passions that led to uncleanness and lawlessness – away from God.
· Now we should willing enslave ourselves to a right way of living that leads to being set apart from God
· When were slaves to our passions we could not serve God, and therefore we were dead to the Holy Spirit’s transforming work in us
· But now we have the Holy Spirit and no longer belong to the old slave master, but instead we belong to God, and because we belong to God we are able to begin to live lives set apart for Him that will result in eternity with him.
· The end result of living by our lusts and our rules is eternal separation from God – i.e. death. But God’s gift to those who follow after and make the Messiah Jesus their Lord is eternal life with God.


· I have a new identity and purpose as a follower of Jesus.
· My main pursuit is no longer doing what makes me happy and finding temporal fulfillment, but rather my focus is on what makes God happy and living according to his purposes.
· My goal today is to do my job, interact with others, and love my family in a way that brings God honor. I am to be a representative of Jesus, set apart to declare his love to the world. That is my new identity that needs to permeate every aspect of my day.
· Less of me, more of Jesus in me.


Thank you for setting me free from the old slave master of my self-destructive lusts and passions. Forgive me for being double minded and sometimes serving the old master. Give me courage and strength today to live by your guidance and in your ways. I want to please you this day. Show me how I can serve you, and give me the passion to follow what you show me. I desire more of you, and I pray that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, there will be less of the old me today. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Slaves have no choice in the matter on whom to serve. Lord may the reality of your grace overwhelm any other tendency in my will so that I have no choice but to serve you.

Fri, March 4, 2016 @ 7:03 AM

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