Romans 6


Joel King


Romans 6:1-23


· Paul asks the question if we should just sin because grace will take care of our sin
· No! he says because we have left the dominion of sin and now reside elsewhere
· He likens this to baptism, when a follower goes down in the water it is like the old self being buried
· When we came up out of the water it is like we also rose from the dead to a new life free from sin and focused on the glory of God
· Since we were united with Christ in his death then we certainly are united with him in the resurrection.
· For our old self was in bondage to our destructive instincts and because of the cross the old self can be denied and we can live free from those instincts
· We believe that we live with Christ, and Christ cannot die again since he has been raised from the dead
· Jesus needed only to only die for sin once and now he lives eternally for the glory of God
· In the same way we should consider our old self gone for good and should live for the glory of God through Jesus
· Based on this argument we should no longer let sin have its way even in our natural bodies.
· We should not let our body serve its destructive desires, instead we should point our body in the direction of living for God and his good plan
· For we need no longer be slaves to sin, but are free to say no to our desires
· So we should not sin just because the rules no longer apply and we live by grace
· For whatever you offer yourself in service to you are a slave of that thing.
· If you offer yourself to sin then you are a slave to sin which leads to death, but if you offer yourself to God then you are a slave to God which leads to obedience and his righteousness
· Thankfully, you are learning to choose to be slaves to God and not the old self
· This is a simple human argument, but I want you to understand
· When you obeyed sin you could not really do the things of God and that life brought nothing but spiritual death
· But now you have been free from the old sinful self and now you freely follow God. The result is you can now live a life set apart, a life that will end in eternity with God
· For the natural end result of sin is eternal death or separation from God, but the natural end result of the gift God gave you through grace is eternal life with Him.


· Before I knew Christ I was powerless over my appetites. In the end they would have won out and lead me to both physical and spiritual death.
· However, since I now know Christ I have a choice that I did not have before. I can choose to say no to my destructive appetites and say yes to the Holy Spirit within me.
· The life I now live should be lived with my eyes and desires fully locked on to Jesus and his will for my life.
· I will either serve my destructive desires or I will serve Jesus, there is no in between.
· I choose Jesus and new life


Thank you for the grace that freed me from the desires that seductively enslaved me. I am powerless without you, but with you I know I can have new life. Help me live courageously and free. Guide my paths to live by the power of the Holy Spirit within me that I might live the abundant, powerful, and free life you so desire for me. Forgive me for running back to my old self, my old master. Continue to teach me to live a new life in submission and obedience to you. May I experience the full power of the resurrection in the new life that I live. In the name of Jesus who makes this new life possible I pray. AMEN

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