Romans 5


Joel King


Romans 5:1-21


· Based on what Paul has already established before, he makes three claims
· In the past, those who had faith in Christ were justified
· Currently, they stand in grace and have peace with God
· They rejoice because in the future they will realize their hope and be glorified and live with God
· They also rejoice in their present sufferings, because those who persevere build faithful character that relies on the future hope.
· Paul then claims that this hope will not disappoint the one who depends on it, and the proof is that God has guaranteed he will fulfill his promise by depositing Himself, the Holy Spirit, in the believer
· God didn’t wait for a time when we were strong but powerless to demonstrate his love
· Most wouldn’t even die for someone who was really good
· But God showed his love for us in that Christ died for us when we were at our worse
· If Jesus shed his blood to satisfy God’s wrath so that we might be declared righteous, then what wrath of God is left for us
· If God reconciled us to himself when we were his enemies, then is there any doubt now that we are sons and daughters that he will give us the eternal life he promised
· We rejoice because through Jesus we have been completely reconciled to God no matter our past
· Sin came through Adam which produced death which is the outcome now for all of mankind
· We know of sin because of the law, but sin was still present even before the law
· So sin has produced death from the very beginning
· In contrast God offers a gift that brings life to all those who receive Jesus the Messiah
· Through Adam’s sin all mankind find themselves under judgement, but the gift of God brought justification
· Now all those who put their faith in Jesus have received more than enough grace that resulted in a righteousness that produces life
· So just like the sinful act of one man Adam brought condemnation, the act of the righteous man Jesus brings justification to men and women
· So just like the disobedience of one man Adam made everyone sinners, the act of the obedience one Jesus makes men and women righteous
· The law came so we understood how great sin was, but grace added in even more abundance
· Sin was the master for so long and produced death, but now grace is the new king and brings a righteousness through Jesus that results in eternal life


· I can go to God in confidence that he accepts me just as I am
· I need to keep my eyes squarely on the hope of eternity and live my life in the long view that every investment I make in eternity will be rewarded
· If I dare to live with my eyes squarely on Jesus, and my feelings deep in God’s love, I can experience the real abundant life that God intended for me
· I need to live my life in deep and complete thankfulness for his love and sacrifice


I am overwhelmed by the depth and width of your love. Thank you for your love and sacrifice which clears all obstacles out of the way for those who desire to know you. Continue to help me experience your love that more and more of my life might be poured out in thankfulness for your gift. Help me keep my eyes on the hope of glory and love immensely as you loved me. In the name of the one who gave his life for mine, Jesus, I pray. AMEN

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