Romans 16


Ernie Morales




- Paul starts out by sending his greetings to many people that he had a relationship with
- He lists the different ways he knows them
- Right away he warns Christians to watch out for people who cause division
- He warns us to watch out for people who put obstacles in the way that are contrary to God’s word
- He even tell us to stay away from them
- He then let’s us know their motives for doing what they do and how they do it. They serve their own appetites by smooth talk and flattery
- He commends the Romans in regards to their obedience
- Paul reminds us what is going to happen. That God will crush satan under our feet
- Paul lists the team of people that are with him. People he disciples like Timothy
- He then reminds us who this gospel message is about…Jesus!
- Also that the message is for the Gentiles as well


Division is a big problem in the church. People divide over relational issues like being treated “unfairly” or not liking a particular style of teaching or worship. The list can go on and on. This is nothing new. Satan has always used that tactic as a way to minimize the power of the church and to keep us from loving one another. Jesus said that people will know that we are his disciples because of our love for one another. However, Paul does distinguish that some will cause division by teaching what is contrary to God’s word. It is important to continue to learn what God’s word says so that when someone teaches something that is contrary to it, I will know the difference and not be deceived. The Bereans were good examples of people who would hear teaching and then go research as to whether it lined up with truth or not. I also have to show maturity and discernment in situations because there are times when I will not agree with someone. However, I have to discern whether or not the disagreement is a primary issue or a secondary issue and respond accordingly.


Lord give me the wisdom to know Your word. I pray that it will transform me. I pray that I would know You even more because You are truth. Help me to always distinguish truth from lies and embrace truth even when it’s hard. Help me to always respond in a Christ-like way when someone is causing division whether they mean to or not. Give me the wisdom to know when I should stay away. In Jesus name.

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