Romans 14


Kim Castro


Romans 14


Righteousness practiced among the weak and the strong
Major themes of this chapter – judgement, acceptance, love and faith.
Don’t judge another Christian for the way they practice their faith Accept them in love and grace The law of food doesn’t matter anymore – but the practice is cultural Give thanks for your food – choosing what to eat is not of the law Be renewed in faith Observe the Sabbath in the name of the Lord – don’t judge what day is chosen Christ died for the living and the dead - so that we may be free from sin in all we do The Lord will be the judge “Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food” v.20. There is freedom in faith in Christ “…Everything that does not come from faith is sin” v. 23


The Romans were new to their faith and culturally followed rituals of eating and resting and all that they did even after coming to faith. The apostle Paul inspires the reader of this passage to look to the Lord for what to eat. Give thanks to the Lord for what we eat and for his abundant provision. The main message here is not to judge those who practice their faith in a different way – either in what they eat, the day they celebrate the Sabbath or the clothes they wear.
This passage is a good reminder that there are many Christians practicing their faith in different ways. We can encourage the new way of living in faith, the food we chose is all clean for example and be accepting. Acknowledgement that not all Christians agree on the laws pertaining to Christian living, nor must we - will get us far in today’s society. Christ is the only judge. This passage also encourages us to grow our own faith without looking to others to how to or what is looks like by judging what others do.


Father God thank you for the freedom to grow our faith and to be witnesses of your shining light. May my actions be of grace and mercy and may any judgement that comes from my lips or actions be surrendered to you. Father I ask that you put acceptance in my heart for others and that I repent any judgement that I hold. I pray that my actions and words are that of the fruit of the spirit. AMEN!

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