Romans 10


Joel King


Romans 10:1-21


· Paul’s heart is to see the Jewish people saved
· Paul has seen firsthand that they are zealous, but their zeal is misplaced
· They settle for their own right living and do not live up to God’s right living
· Christ fulfilled the law so that righteousness is available to those who believe in him
· Paul quotes Lev. 18:5 that those who want to get righteousness from the law must live up to it
· However, righteousness comes by faith. You do not have to ascend heaven to get it for Christ came down to give it, and you do not have to die to get it for Christ rose to give it
· In Deut. 30:14 Moses says that righteousness comes from the heart and is spoken from the mouth, this is the faith Paul is proclaiming
· If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord (meaning master), and believe in your heart that God raised him for the forgiveness of sins, then you will be saved.
· For when you believe in your heart in Jesus, God justifies you. And when you confess your sins with your mouth he forgives and you are saved
· As Isa. 28:16 says, anyone who trusts in the Lord will not be sorry they did
· Whether Jew or non-Jew, the Lord is their lord and will bless them.
· For anyone who calls on Jesus, he will answer and they will be saved
· But people can’t call on someone they don’t believe in. And they can’t believe in someone if they have not heard of him. And they cannot hear about him unless someone tells them. And no one will tell them if they are not sent.
· As Isaiah 52:7 says, “it is wonderful when people go to share good news with others
· But not all of Israel believed even when they did hear.
· In Isaiah 53:1, even the prophet laments they did not listen to his message
· Faith comes from hearing the message, and that message is about Jesus the Messiah
· Like Psalm 19:4 says, the people had the chance to hear
· Even Moses says in Deut. 32:21 that God’s people will be made jealous because others who aren’t Israel will listen when they didn’t
· Also the prophet Isaiah (65:1) declares that God would reveal himself to others
· And he goes on to say in 65:2 that many of the Jewish people would be obstinate and disobedient


· My heart should be soft for those far from God, even the religious
· I need to be careful that I don’t start substituting my own “right living” for God’s grace and his making me right
· My acceptance by God comes simply by my believing that God did for me what I could not do for myself. This is true the first day I believed it until the day I stand before him in Glory
· People can’t respond to Jesus if I don’t go and share. I need to go and share.
· At the same time I need to remember that many will simply not listen and reject the message.
· My job is to faithfully share, not to convince them to believe


Continue to shape my heart to be like yours. Open my eyes to a world in need. Lead me to those who would welcome the good news, and help me not be discouraged by those who will not believe. Thank you for doing a work for me I could not, and forgive me for turning your grace into my personal religious badge of honor. Show me how to walk humbly before you and lovingly share your love with others. In Jesus Name I Pray. AMEN

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