Philippians 3


Scott Dixon


Philippians 3


· Paul encourages the church of the Philippians to rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus and to not fall prey to false teachers. (Interesting reference to dogs who often bark and attempt to bite the unfamiliar or unaccepted; the followers of Jesus)
· Paul declared if anyone had confidence in the flesh it should be him. Paul's birth-right privileges which came from a pure blood line descendant of the tribe of Benjamin gave him reason to boast but counted his personal loss for the knowledge of Christ.
· Paul lost the position of a Pharisee to win Christ and was not asking the Philippians to do anything in which he hadn't already done.
· Paul looks upon himself to be in a state of imperfection.
· Verse 14: I press ontoward the goal to win the prizefor which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Paul had a joy in the resurrection and was willing to do or suffer anything to win the prize of eternal life through Jesus Christ.
· Once again Paul warns against seducers and evil teachers. ( A persons walk is a truer example of who they are then their professions. Matthew 7:20 - By their fruits you shall know them.


Having been a Christian for 30 + years it is easy to fall prey to confidence in the flesh. I have been churched and have the knowledge to back up my professions but if my walk does not match then no fruit will be produced. My desire is like Paul's to press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me to no matter the costs. I can't expect a life of comfort and win the prize of Jesus. I have to be bold for Jesus, even when it means I'll be barked at or bitten for it.


God I pray that I may become a man who not only professes Jesus but walks with Jesus. May my actions be fruitful in the spirit and lead the lost to you. May I die to the flesh and live in the resurrection of Jesus who has given me new life. Amen.

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