Philippians 2:1-8


Jim Asselin


Philippians 2:1-8


After Paul describes how our lives are worthy of living out the Gospel, he begins to emphasize Christ’s Humility
· If we have experienced Christ’s love, his tenderness and compassion, his spirit active in our lives which gives us comfort, then Paul asks that we be like minded with Christ
· Our purpose and pursuits in life ought to be selfless, without vanity, taking others into account before ourselves
· Paul then shares an incredible truth about the nature of Jesus Christ
- In very nature, Jesus is God – yet he did not use this position and relationship to lord it over us
- Jesus became a humble servant in human likeness

In his humanity he suffered death on a cross for our sake
- His position now is in the place of His true Lordship and Godly position
- His name is so holy and powerful, and above everyone else that every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father


This is the sticking point in monotheistic religions – all religions actually, namely that an all powerful God would subject himself to mankind. What are the implications? That God is powerless? Absolutely not, he is all powerful and yet he served himself to death. Perhaps this is so hard to grasp because it is against our human nature to live like that. It is easier to have an all powerful God who is sort of disinterested in us so that we can go on with our own lives and not have him meddle in our affairs because we don’t want to look upon the cross, His resurrection from the dead implores us to get down on our knees and worship him. If I do this, I have to give him my all – everything, but I am selfish. My human nature is terrified to let God in at this intimate level and declare Him as Lord. But it is so evident that He is Lord over all – there is simply no other logical explanation for the way the world exists now and what I know in my conscience to be true. I have no other option but to give my life to Christ - not just a sinner’s prayer, but ALL of my life. My marriage, my career, my relationships, talents and treasure.


Lord Jesus, in the dark closets where my ugly secrets lie, in all of my shame and weakness, in all pride that makes me think I am something other than what You have made me to be; transform my thinking, renew my heart, and open my eyes so that I may see Your glory and purpose in the menial, everyday tasks of this world. Give me a larger vision for my life as in is knit with you, show me the eternal and supernatural, and may it increase my faith and allow me to become more like you. In Jesus’ name.

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