Matthew 18:21-35


Ernie Morales


Matthew 18:21-35


- Peter asks Jesus how many times he should forgive someone
- He thought he was good by suggesting up to 7 times
- Jesus gives him a much higher amount and then shares a parable
- The kingdom of heaven is like a king who wanted to settle accounts
- A man owed him 10,000 bags of gold but couldn’t pay it. The king ordered that he and his family sell everything to repay the debt
- The man fell on his knees and asked for mercy
- The king had mercy on him and cancelled the debt
- Then that man went out and found someone that owed him 100 silver coins and demanded payment
- That servant fell to his knees and begged for mercy but the man refused and had him thrown into prison until he could repay the debt
- The other servants saw what happened and they went to tell the king
- The king called the man in and told him he should have forgiven the debt because his own debt had been forgiven
- Then he put him in jail to be tortured until he paid back all that he owed
- Jesus concludes the parable be explaining that this is how our Heavenly Father will treat us unless we forgive others from our hearts


The message Jesus is giving here is very easy to understand but much harder to do. Sometimes it is easier to forgive than others depending on the offense. It also can depend on who the person is that committed the offense. Jesus giving this kind of example is really trying to emphasize how big the issue of forgiving someone is. From family, to friends, to people at church, to co-workers. There are plenty of people and situations that may be issues in my heart. I have to constantly examine my heart and forgive at all times.


Lord show me if there is any unforgiveness in my heart. Reveal to me if I have taken offense and need to forgive. I do not want anything to hinder my relationship with you. I don’t want any bitterness in my heart. I want to always be free from those things. Help me. In Your name. Amen.

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
If I forgive someone in my heart but do not let them know I have done so, is it the same as forgiving them and actively letting them know I did so? I think the latter is more humbling. Making this confession to that person may release chains of guilt and hurt in their lives, and keeping them from knowing could be a root of pride on my part that needs to get dug up - if that's the case, I wonder if the forgiveness is complete.

Thu, March 3, 2016 @ 8:34 AM

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