Luke 6:32-36


Ernie Morales


Luke 6:32-36


- Jesus is continuing to talk about loving your enemies
- No credit is earned when you love those who love you back
- People who don’t know Jesus even do that
- Don’t lend only to those people who might repay you
- People who don’t know Jesus even do that
- Love your enemies and do good to them
- Do this even though you might not get anything back
- God will reward you for this
- This is something one of his children should do
- He is kind to people that are ungrateful and wicked
- Follow His example and show people mercy who don’t deserve it


A major emphasis that Jesus teaches about is how to build and maintain relationships with Him and with others. It is easy to help those who I have good relationships with. It’s easy to show them kindness and mercy. But what about my “enemies” or people I don’t like. To do this I have to first change how I look at them. They are made in God’s image and they are valuable to Him. Next I have to choose to obey God’s word no matter what I may be feeling. I have to choose to love by words and actions. Then I have to allow the Holy Spirit to do a work in me to change my heart so that I become this kind of person internally.


Lord thank you for being kind and merciful to me because I don’t deserve it. Thank you for being patient with me. When these things happen in my life, help me to love when I don’t feel like it. Help me to show mercy just as you do. Change my heart to be like yours. I love you Lord. In Your name.

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1. jim Asselin wrote:
Making an investment in something that gives no apparent, immediate return is really an act of faith, especially when it's a return that yields negative results. But God is kind to the wicked and ungrateful, so I need to be, and while doing it I am saying that I believe there is something grander, larger than this present circumstance - something nobler than myself that is directing things and that I am yielding to it (Him). It really must seem foolish to those who look on, but I need to remember that I used to be the one that looked on at others demonstrating this kind of love and that the spirit of God stirred within me, it was a link in the chain that brought me to Christ. By faith we believe that God does a work that isn't displayed on a billboard, bumper sticker, paycheck, or a slap on the back - and knowing the larger picture and who is in charge is enough. Lord make it so in my life today. Amen

Thu, January 28, 2016 @ 7:15 AM

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