Our Local Community

Trinity Church is committed to serving our

neighborhood and the city at large.  Besides the Gateway Neighborhood Center we also host a yearly community Harvest Festival and Easter Egg Hunt. These events allow us to get to know our neighbors as well as provide a fun and safe environment for kids to have fun and parents to connect.  We also serve our local community by participating in the annual city clean up and running the Bishop Elementary School Bookshelf Project for kindergarteners.

  • House of Grace is a Trinity Women’s ministry has adopted ministry run by City Team. 
  • Love Inc. – Partners with churches to meet needs of neighbors: www.loveinc.org

Along with these service opportunities we proudly support the following local non-profit organizations:

Our Global Community

Nicaragua - Trinity Church had a team working with Living Water in Nicargua November of 2014.  See their one of their video reports below.

– Trinity has adopted a people group, known as the Hmong,

in Southeast Asia. Because they have no country, the Hmong live in the mountain regions near the borders of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and China.   With 35 or more dialects being prevalent among these people Trinity has chosen to help fund ministry to those who are working specifically among a few subgroups of the Far Western Hmong.  

S.E. Asia - We have focused our efforts on the work of two families on the ground in who are training nationals, developing radio broadcasts that reach into the hills of these closed areas, and coordinating activities. 

Great progress has been made in the past 10+ years and several of these subgroups have now been reached.

Here's a 2017 update from Roger Greene, a missionary Trinity supports in Thailand:

Middle East / North Africa - Trinity is involved in the Muslim community primarily in the Middle East and areas of North Africa.   This region has 22 countries and over 460 million people. In spite of risks for Christians in these areas, these families are living out Jesus to their neighbors and God is working in hearts and lives.

Haiti - Trinity works with United Churches International in Haiti. UCI ministers to the “whole person” and is an amazing picture of how one might imagine the Church in the New Testament functioned.  Jean Jean and Christie Mompremier have made Haiti their home and through them God has changed a community once steeped in voodoo practice to a physically and spiritually, vibrant, healthy community. 

Trinity is seeking ways to get involved, as God moves, in possibly being a catalyst to take this same type of ministry to other parts of Haiti. 

We recently sent a team to Haiti.  For more information check out the Haiti 2013 page.

Mexico - In August of 2013, Trinity Church sent a  team of 22 folks to Mexico.  They spent the week in a small coastal village called Rancho Santa Marta, about a 2-hour drive south of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Their primary mission was to complete the build-out of a home for a Mexican couple (and their 2 year old daughter) who have devoted their lives to caring for infirm, elderly people who have no family or whose family has abandoned them.  Throughout this couple's ministry they have watched 25 people breathe their last. For nearly a decade, the couple has been living in an RV trailer beside the caregiving facility, and have been in dire need of a permanent structure to call home and raise their young daughter in.  Below is a  video review of that trip.