Last Things

This is our last full day in Haiti.  Tomorrow we will head to the airport early in the morning, fly to New York, hopefully have a good night’s sleep, and then fly home to California on Sunday.  Though we are all looking forward to going home to our family and friends it is always a mixed bag as we will miss the people of Haiti and the work God has done while we were here.

Today the team spent a little time serving others and the rest of the time debriefing their experience here as well as saying their goodbyes.  Though we have only been in Haiti a little more than a week, the relationships feel deeper.  We bonded quickly with those here.  It is one of God’s blessings.  They already feel like family.  We came wanting to serve in Haiti and we leave loving the people of Haiti.

My schedule has been a little different as I have spent the last few days training pastors on how to read, understand, and teach God’s Word.  The pastors we are working with have had a limited education, and so we focus on the basics.  But the time is rich.  What these men lack in education, they more than make up in faith.  They walk miles to be able to learn God’s Word, anywhere from 4 to 14 hours away.  They give up a week’s worth of work, which is a big deal since pastors aren’t paid here. 

I am always blessed by their love of Jesus and God’s Word.  They soak up God’s truth like a dry sponge.  They model for me what it means to put your life on the line for Jesus, and that simple faith trumps Biblical understanding every time.  I want to grow in God’s Word, but even more I want to grow in how much of my life I put in God’s hands.

Please continue to pray.  There is still much that could side track us as we make our way home.  More importantly, pray that we clearly hear from God on what He wants us to take away from this experience.  It is easy to either be overwhelmed by being back in the affluence of the United States or bury yourself in its luxuries.  Please pray that we discern between guilt and God’s genuine voice in our lives.  Thanks! - - - Joel King

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