James 4:1-6


Mark Ramirez


James 4:1-6


· Quarrels and fights are a normal part of life, they happen.
· Quarrels and fights happen because of the desires that battle within us.
· We want things, but do not get them.
· We kill and covet but we cannot attain what we desire.
· Because of this, we quarrel and fight.
· We do not have, because we do not ask God.
· When we ask and do not receive, it is because of our motives.
· We ask so that we can spend/focus on our pleasures.
· James points out our adulterous attitude: to align ourselves with the world, as a friend of the world, is to become an enemy of God, to hate Him.
· There is a reason that the scriptures speak of the intense envy of the Spirit inside of us.
· But even though we are fallible and human, He gives us more grace.
· This is why scripture says that God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.


I look at my own life, in my house, and reflect on the quarrels/arguments/misunderstandings that happen between my wife and I. Most of the time I see my own hard heart standing in the way of reconciliation. Because of my selfish desires, and the natural instinct to not want to serve others, frustrations arise when I don’t get my own way. The way to combat this is humility, considering others in higher standing than myself. My wife’s desires/wellbeing ranks higher than my own. If I operate out of my pride, God has promised to stand against me. Fighting against God and my wife doesn’t sound like a fair fight, so I’ll try this week to focus on fighting the ENVY monster with humility.


Jesus, thank you for being the example of humility. If I had to look at other human examples, I may be easily discouraged as they all ultimately fail. But you show me a better way, a way of love. You show me that there is a point to all of this, a deeper reason to walk in humility. I pray this week your Spirit would reside in me and prod me to view my world through a more humble lens. Amen.

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1. jim Asselin wrote:
Here's the pattern - I desire, then.......I SHOULD ask God immediately at this point if it's inline with His will, but what often happens is I sink into thinking how nice that desire would be, how I could make it happen, what I would have to do to make it happen, why my life is less complete because that thing did not happen - and then discontent settles in and I can then begin resenting the present situation that was a blessing not but a moment ago. How important it really is to allow my thinking to be captivated by Christ. He takes everything to a higher plane, an eternal plane, one that is filled with hope and expectation rather than envy and discontent. Father remind me today of Your accessibility, your desire to respond to my requests. Temper my desires and tame them to be aligned with Your far greater purpose and plan, in Jesus name,

Mon, February 1, 2016 @ 9:54 AM

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