Jesus gave his followers a mission: “Go make disciples of all nations.” At Trinity Church it is our desire to fulfill our part of this mission and not just “do church” but invite people to become disciples of Jesus and then help them grow to the point where they can disciple others. Though discipleship encompasses everything we do from worshipping together, to communicating with God, sharing the good news of Jesus, and serving those in need; all this flows from learning and training with other followers of Jesus. We understand that folks are at different points in their pursuit of God as well as dealing with the challenges of life. It is in this vein that we have various kinds of Discipleship Training.


Fall Small Groups

Starting Sunday, August 26th, we are starting a special 9 week small group season that corresponds with the Sunday series on the Holy Spirit. We believe that community and life change happens in small groups! Community is built in small groups, where you get a chance to get to know people, and in a small group, you can ask questions as well as answer the question, “How does this apply to me?” Don’t just attend church, make the next step and get connected to the church – join a small group.


  • SUNDAYS, 7:00pm  
  • Group Type: 18 to 20-something  (Dinner Served)
  • Leaders: Joel & Lyn King
  • Location: Home in Campbell - 1369 Theresa Ave.
  • Questions: Contact Joel at

  • WEDNESDAYS, 6:30pm
  • Group Type: Women’s
  • Leaders: Linda Olson, Julie Bruechert, and Phyllis Castren
  • Location: Trinity Church
  • Questions: Contact Linda at

  • WEDNESDAYS, 6:30pm
  • Group Type: All
  • Leaders: TBD
  • Location: Trinity Church
  • Questions: Contact Joel at

  • THURSDAYS, 6:30pm
  • Group Type: All
  • Leader: Jim & Karen Asselin
  • Location: Home in Sunnyvale - 214 Peppermint Tree Terrace #4
  • Questions: Contact Jim at

  • THURSDAYS, 7:00pm  (Group Full)
  • Group Type: Couples
  • Leaders: Cory & Rosie Rosenke
  • Location: Home in Mt. View - 685 Leong Dr.
  • Questions: contact Cory at