Galatians 1


Joel King


Galatians 1:1-24


· Paul is the author of this letter
· He considers himself sent directly by Jesus
· This letter is to several churches in the region of Galatia
· He greets them with grace and peace that comes from God through Jesus
· Jesus gave himself on the cross for our sins that we might be rescued from this evil age
· Paul shifts right to the purpose of his letter, they seem to be straying from the good news they were originally taught
· Some have come in and are teaching something different than the good news of Christ they originally received
· Paul says anyone including an angel who has a different version of the gospel should be eternally condemned
· His statement isn’t to please people but to please God
· The gospel he taught them was not man made but directly from Jesus himself.
· Before Jesus he persecuted the church trying to destroy it
· He was an religious overachiever who was very zealous for Judaism
· Paul believes that God set him apart at birth (before conversion)
· God called Paul by His grace to preach to the Gentiles
· He didn’t consult anyone in this regard, not even the apostles
· Only after 3 years did he go to Jerusalem and even then he was only there for two weeks seeing Peter and Jesus’ brother James
· He is telling the truth
· When he went to the churches in Judea they only knew that Paul formerly persecuted the church and is now preaching about faith in Jesus.
· The churches gave praise to God for Paul’s ministry at the time


· I need to make sure that I don’t change the nature of the gospel or I might find myself in direct opposition to Jesus Christ
· It is important that I recognize that God’s grace extended to me even before my eyes were open to Jesus


Lord Jesus,
Thank you for loving me and extending your grace before I even embraced it. Thank you for watching over my life and calling me unto yourself. Help me stay true to Your good news. The good news that God loved us so much that he set aside the throne of heaven, dwelt among men and women, submitted himself unto death on a cross that our sins may be forgiven, and rose again that we might call him Lord and Savior. Keep my eyes on faith in what you have done rather than the work I try to do. Open my eyed to those today that need to hear that Good News. In Jesus Name. AMEN

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