Ephesians 4:21-27


Austin Patterson


Ephesians 4:21-27


· Jesus did not teach us to live a sinful lifestyle like the world does
· We have learned how we are supposed to live through Christ’s example
· To remove a former way of life takes effort and is a conscious action
· We need to let Holy Spirit speak and teach us
· Through this we will become holy because we have a mindset that is aligned with the will of God
· Be honest and do not be deceptive.
· We are all individually unique and collectively vital to the health and growth of the body
· Put aside anger, for it can consume you.
· Keep short accounts and resolve issues daily
· Anger gives way for opportunities to the devil


Jesus set a perfect example of how we are to live a life of love, honesty and humility. Issues of our fleshly nature such as lust, deception and pride are against everything that He taught and demonstrated. We need to learn to lay aside these issues of our sinful nature and run fully to God. Asking Him to renew our thoughts and attitudes so that we might live in the manner that He has created us for.
Honesty is key. If we are to live like Christ we need to be honest, and that needs with each other. We need to let anger diminish and let truth and God’s peace and joy reign in our lives. Daily bringing our issues to God and allowing Him to remove our anger and replace it with His love.


Lord, You are so good. And I am so sorry for when I let my sin nature get the better of me, instead of living fully in the way that you demonstrated. Holy Spirit would you continue to speak to me and teach me how to live as an example of Christ’s love. Help me be honest and keep short accounts of my anger, and in those moments when anger does arise will you help give me perspective of what is truly important and help me to once again set my focus on the only thing that truly matters, You. I love you so much. Amen.

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
I think in life we tend to compartmentalize our anger - or at least I do. For example, we can have a great relationship with our immediate family and yet have deep resentment to an external family member. We can talk about submitting to authority but we harbor anger towards someone. This takes the power out of our witness in all areas of our lives. If we haven't fully submitted to Christ and handed over all of the dark matter, then we have not fully trusted and yielded to him, somewhere it will work its way into our conduct. What happens is we live torn lives, without the true freedom to experience life as God designed it for us. Lord, help me to dispose of all of the dark matter in all areas of life so that I may not live a life of hypocrisy, completely transform me to live out your calling, and may you receive the glory. Amen.

Wed, February 24, 2016 @ 6:26 AM

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