Paul Hastings

I am a California native son, born in central Los Angeles. My parents were devout, active Christians who modeled their faith every day teaching my older brother, sister, and me through example. We grew up knowing Christ was to be the center of our lives and seeking His will and guidance was paramount.  I earned a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA at CSULA. Working one summer, I met a beautiful young woman while trying to sell her a set of waterless cookware door-to-door in Glendale. She listened to my pitch but never bought the pans. However, before leaving her apartment, I mustered every ounce of courage in me and asked her out for a “coffee date;” eighteen months later Bobbie and I were married. We have three children; our two sons live out of the area, while our daughter Alison, her husband Steven, and young son, Jackson, live close by in Santa Clara. Bobbie and I have been greatly blessed in our marriage; we also have experienced crushing loss. And while there’s much of His infinite character we don’t yet understand, what He has revealed is enough and sustains us daily in His love.


Lisa Prather

I was born, raised, and lived the majority of my life here in what is now Silicon Valley. I grew up in a Christian home. As a very young child my mom brought me and my sister to Trinity Church for a few years. We moved out of state for a couple of years and returned to Trinity when we moved back. That was through my elementary and junior high school years and during that time I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior at church camp one summer. There was a season while I was a young adult that I wasn’t walking with the Lord or attending church. Around 1993 a friend invited me to go to a service with her at Trinity. Little did she know my history there! I occasionally attended after that, but then began regularly attending in 1995 and got plugged right in to being in small groups and part of ministries. I have served in the singles group, women’s ministries, Stay-N- Play, Children’s ministries and AWANA. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of going on a few mission trips through the church. I was a member of the staff as the Nursery Coordinator for ten years. I have always helped in providing meals to families for various reasons before that became one part of the now formal Care Ministry. I was commissioned as a Deacon in early 2013. I have seen the most growth in my life as a Christian during my recent years at Trinity.


Lynn Relyea

Hi, I'm Lynn. It's hard to believe, but I have been attending Trinity for 20 years! I became a Christian as an adolescent and slipped away in the college years. Fortunately, God called me back. I am a slow grower, so I am very grateful to the people who have poured themselves into my life the past 10 years providing much needed nourishment. (Yes, this is plug for shepherding/discipleship.) Care Ministry has allowed me to mix my gift of service with my desire to see the church body grow in meeting each other’s needs – more as I envision the church to have been in the time of the apostles. At the same time, it is a challenge to the introvert in me. God is stretching me in this ministry to be more relational.

Trinity is not a place to hide behind the “my life is fine” smile. We all have hurts and needs. Let the Care team or a friend in the congregation know about your needs and hurts. Not only may we be able to help you, but you are providing an opportunity for the people who help out to be blessed, too.


Bonnie Wilburn

My family life included Sunday school, church, youth group and related activities from my earliest memory, growing up in a small town in Southern Nevada. As an 8-year-old I made a personal decision to trust in Christ and to follow Him. When I moved to the “big city” as a teenager, I became aware that I needed to anchor my thinking in God’s Word for myself. Throughout my young adult life attendance became pretty routine and impersonal as time and interests were drawn toward other pursuits. As a new Mom, a neighbor invited me to Bible Study Fellowship. From the first lesson, I felt as if God had personally invited me to study His living Word and to discover how He could speak through it into my life. In 1973 my husband Ken and I began to attend Trinity regularly; our two children growing up with the privilege of being surrounded by a God-honoring church family and Christ-centered teaching. When I was unexpectedly invited to help with Vacation Bible School one summer, God began to show me that being in His family is about the commitment and joy of serving and investing in those He loves. Since that time I have been involved in Trinity life; at various times in children’s Sunday school and VBS, women’s ministries, Bible studies, House of Grace, shepherding, Care Ministry, and as a Deacon since 2013.

Jan Ramirez

Jan grew up in Oregon, attending church with her family. In her early twenties a co-worker shared the difference between religion and a relationship with Jesus. Sharing Jesus through serving, is what she loves to do. Married since 1983, they have two sons and a grandson.