Acts 25


Joel King


Acts 25:1-27


· The new governor after Felix was Festus who went to Jerusalem after 3 days of arriving in the region he was to govern
· The Jewish leaders request of the new governor was that Paul be transferred back to Jerusalem for trial, but secretly they were planning on having him killed
· Festus insisted they come to Caesarea where he would be and present charges there.
· Ten days later the court convened in Caesarea and many unprovable charges were waged against Paul
· Paul insisted that he had done nothing wrong against either the law or the Temple.
· Festus tried to get on the Jews good side by asking Paul to stand trial in Jerusalem
· Paul announces his innocence and refuses to be tried by the Jews, but instead claims his right as a Roman citizen to be tried by Caesar.
· Festus conferred with council and concluded he had no choice but to send Paul to Caesar
· A few days later a king arrives and Festus shares the charges raised against Paul
· Festus affirms Paul’s right as a Roman citizen to face his accusers
· When they did face Paul he was surprised that the charges really weren’t criminal but something concerning their religious law
· The major issue was over a dead man who Paul claimed was alive
· Festus really didn’t know how to judge and wanted to have Paul go to Jerusalem but he appealed to Caesar.
· At this the king said he would like to hear the case
· The next day Paul came before Festus and King Agrippa with much ceremony
· Festus declared that Paul didn’t seem to be guilty of anything deserving of death and that he was hoping the others could help him figure out what to tell Caesar in regards to the actual charges levied against Paul.


· Christians can use the rights given to them by society if it leads to justice being served
· Those in the world are often baffled by the truth of God and his people
· We must diligently pray for Christians around the world who are being victimized by those who just want to silence them


Father God,

I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ who have been wrongly imprisoned like Paul was. Would you protect them as you did Paul. May you thwart the plans of their accusers to get rid of your people and the message they proclaim about the resurrection of Jesus and the hope we have in him. May you move the hearts of the judges in court to see through their schemes and bring justice to your people. Lastly, Lord, would you open my eyes to how I might help my persecuted brothers and sisters, and give me courage to do what you show me.

In Jesus name I pray, AMEN

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
So interesting that so many prominent leaders could not muster up a case against Paul.
May those who accuse the cause of Christ not have any cause for accusation except for the truth and life we proclaim. May we stand blameless except for faith in Jesus Christ. He is enough.

Tue, March 10, 2015 @ 8:16 AM

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