Acts 23


Joel King


Acts 23:1-35


· Paul declared that he believed he had fulfilled his duty to God with a clear conscience
· The high priest found the statement to be false and had Paul hit in response
· Paul responded that Ananias was a hypocrite as he stood in judgment using the law while breaking the law by having him struck
· Those standing by rebuked Paul for speaking to the High Priest with such contempt
· Paul apologized because he didn’t know that Ananias was the high priest, and though he was in the wrong the scripture is clear that he is to be treated with respect
· Then Paul divided the Sanhedrin by bringing up a theological issue he knew split the council – whether there is life after death.
· An argument did break out and they began to fight over Paul. The soldiers saw things getting out of hand and removed Paul.
· That night an angel told Paul that he would be going to Rome to share the good news there also
· 40 zealous Jews made a vow to kill Paul and planned with the Sanhedrin to have Paul brought to them so they could kill him
· Paul’s nephew got wind of the plot went and told Paul who had him tell the centurion
· They had Paul escorted to Caesarea that evening
· The centurion writes a letter to the Governor Felix explaining why Paul is sent and that there is no real case against him except a theological question among the Jews
· Upon arrival the Governor decided to have Paul’s case tried fairly when his accusers arrived. (The plot was thwarted)


· Even if I don’t agree with the politics or character of our countries leaders, I am to treat them with the utmost respect.
· God directs the direst of circumstances to carry out His will – even when things are challenging I need to trust God that He has a plan.



Forgive me for speaking ill of my leaders. I have not always showed them the due respect that you ask of me. Help me honor you by honoring them. I want to grow to trust you more that even when life brings great challenges I can trust that you will use them to accomplish your good will in my life. I thank you that I live in a place where I can freely worship you and share you with others. Help me not shy away from the opportunities I have to speak boldly of your good news.

In Jesus name I pray AMEN

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1. Becky Pannunzio wrote:
Dear Father, Paul's apology humbles me. Thank you for this lesson in respect of those you have placed in authority. May I submit to them for your sake. Amen

Fri, March 6, 2015 @ 5:12 AM

2. Rob Schulze wrote:
After his arrest in Acts 21:33, Paul has the opportunity many times to provide himself a defense and central to his defense "I stand on trial because of the hope of the resurrection of the dead"

Father, may my/our hope in the resurrection be central to my faith as well.

Mon, March 9, 2015 @ 9:03 AM

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