Acts 17


Annette McClure


Acts 17


Paul introduces to different audiences our God, the one who rose from the dead who is no longer an unknown God. He emphasized these 4 main points.
1. Our God is the God of all creation
2. Our God is the God of personal involvement
3. Our God is the God of repentance
4. Our God is the God of Judgment


One of the things I loved in this verse is how Paul “met” with each crowd he came across in their place and beliefs. The message was the same but he would acknowledge each groups spirituality, as we are not called to ignore one’s beliefs but our task is to explain the way of God more accurately. .
Paul began with the present spiritual condition of his audience - Acts 17: 23-27
a. They believed in supreme beings, but didn't know the True God
b. With the Jews he began with the Law, with the Gentiles he began with the nature of God; we too should take into consideration where one is spiritually.


Father God, I believe you have equipped us all to “meet” people where they are. We are not to judge but to love on each person we come in contact with, where they are. To walk alongside them and when prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak in peace and love the truth of God. Help us to follow the example you have given us in Paul. Amen

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1. Stephen Dittmer wrote:
Application:Reading the passage this made me think of how many people today worship idol Gods and in fact I almost married such a person 30 yrs ago. Others worship Idols unknowingly in the form of many possessions. Especially in the U.S. and Western countries such is the case. The application for me is to remember this and not get caught up in it. I will try be an example to others not to get caught up in this world of idol things and possessions. Also thru conversation be able to explain it easily that God does not live in man made things (temples) or is not limited by the human ways of thinking. We need God, not the other way around.

Thu, February 26, 2015 @ 9:03 PM

2. Rob Schulze wrote:
Thanks Annette... amen... I appreciate your insights and reminder that we should get to know where people are at before we share with them what we believe.

Another theme that struck me from chapter 17 is God's sovereignty and our call to just take the initiative to share our faith and leave the results to God. Paul was faithful to proclaim the gospel in both Thessalonica and Berea and while many became believers in both cities, the Jews in Thessalonica were trouble-makers and the Berean Jews were eager to examine the Scriptures and hear Paul. And almost wherever Paul preaches, there's at least a few that come to faith. The sense is that these stoic philiosphers at the Aeropagus are just interested in the latest ideas and that while there was no hige revival... Luke records that a few prominent people followed Jesus. I need to remember to just keeping taking the initiative to share Christ all over the place (in church, in the marketplace, in academia, etc.) in the power of the Holy Spirit and just leave the results to God

Mon, March 2, 2015 @ 9:39 AM

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