8 John


Eric Keener


John 8:1-59


- Jesus was teaching at the temple early in the morning when he was brought an adulterer in order that the Pharisees might test him using the Law of Moses which says to stone her. However Jesus knew their hearts and got to the point, which was, that everyone among them has sinned and is due punishment for the sin. He then showed her much grace and said for her not to sin any more.

- The Pharisees again try to find fault with him so they can arrest him, but they cannot do so. John makes a distinct remark that this was because Jesus’ hour had not yet come – implying that there was a specific time for him to be arrested according to prophesy and God’s will.

- Jesus says that the Pharisees judge according to the flesh, while he does not judge, meaning that they make judgments based on human wisdom while he did not come as a judge at this point.

- Jesus has some seriously challenging words for the Pharisees to hear, saying that they are of the world, and from sin, and they can’t go where he is going (to heaven). He contrasts himself to them as being from above, not of this world. He tells them that they will die if they don’t believe in him. They couldn’t understand as he continue to tell them and others that there is no way to escape the death of sin without knowing him.

- Jesus says that the Father sent him, and he only says things that the Father taught him, and that they will understand when he is lifted up, and mentions an incredibly bold statement that he only does things that please the father. At hearing this, many people believed.

- Turning to the people who believed, Jesus told them that whoever abides in him are truly his followers because it is his word, the truth, that will set them free. This freedom will be freedom from sin, which enslaves everyone who is not found in Jesus.

- Jesus continues to contrast himself with the religious leaders saying that they are of their father, the devil, and he is of his father. The reason they can’t understand what he is saying, and the reason why they are trying to arrest and kill him is because they are of the devil and not of God.

- He tells them that anyone who keeps true to the Word will not die, but they mistake it as a physical death and they accuse him of having a demon because even Abraham and the prophets died a physical death.

- After all the debate, the conversation continued to flare and they tried to stone him for saying that he was the “I AM.”


- It seems clear in this chapter that the point Jesus was making was that if you claim to be right with God, but you don’t know Jesus, his word, or follow him, that you are a liar and you belong to the devil.

- In order to truly know the Father and be known by the Father, you must know His son, Jesus, and you must abide in him and his word.

- Abiding in Jesus and in his words will lead to life beyond death, eternal life.

- Jesus is the light of the world, the light that was prophesied about in the OT. If we belong to Jesus, we too will be the light of the world.


Our Father in heaven - You are the author of life; You are the light in which no darkness can be found; you are worthy to be praised. In order that our prayers are heard and our name is truly found in the book of life, please continue to sanctify us, teach us to hate darkness and be disgusted by sin. Please teach us to do what pleases You. Please cause whatever circumstances in our life will draw us nearer to You, no matter how hard they are, because You are worth it. Please keep us from thinking we are good, without being introspective and repentant of the areas of our lives that are very far from you. Lord, my desire is that your followers would cast off all manners of life that do not lead to your name being famous, and that like Jesus, we too can hear clearly from you and follow your teachings. I pray this in the power of the name that has all authority in heaven and on earth – Jesus Christ. Amen.

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