8 Hebrews


Ernie Morales


Hebrews 8:1-13


  • Hebrews 8 begins by letting us know that Jesus is our high priest and that he sits at the right hand of God
  • There is a difference between Jesus and the priests on earth
  • The earthly sanctuary is a copy of the one in heaven
  • Jesus ministry is superior to theirs and the new covenant is better than the old one
  • The writer goes on to explain why the new covenant was needed. The people did not remain faithful to it
  • In the new covenant, God puts his law on the minds and hearts or people instead of a tablet
  • In the new covenant, God will forgive wickedness and remember their sins no more
  • The old covenant is obsolete and has been replaced by the new one
  • The work of Jesus is so superior to the Jewish priests
  • The old system is replaced by the eternal and perfect priesthood of Jesus
  • As Priest and King, Jesus occupies the place of supreme power
  • The ministry of the tabernacle was only symbolic of the realities accomplished by Jesus
  • The first or old covenant was entirely external
  • The new covenant is internal
  • God established a new personal covenant relationship with his people by the Holy Spirit
  • Grace and mercy drive the new covenant


I have to continually remind myself that I am under the new covenant, which is the finished work of the cross.  I am now under grace and not under the law.  I cannot ever be good enough.  I have done nothing to deserve this.  I have to remind myself to rely on God’s grace and mercy and not my own strength. It is all about what HE has done.  When I do rely on myself, I am thinking too highly of myself.  God is personal and has sent His Holy Spirit to live inside of me.


Lord thank you for the new covenant.  Thank you that you remember my sins no more. Forgive me when I try to live as if I am under the law.  I know that I am under grace and mercy. Thank you for being patient with me. In Jesus name.

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