7 Matthew


Ernie Morales


Matthew 7:1-29


  • Right off Matthew 7 begins with how we treat others
  • Don’t judge or I will be judged
  • Get rid of the speck I have in my eye and stop paying attention to the speck in someone else
  • Don’t throw my pearls to pigs
  • Then He moves on to prayer. To keep seeking God and compares it to a parent child relationship. Parents give good gifts to their children, how much more will God our Father
  • Then He gives us a challenge by doing unto others
  • Now He moves on to God’s Kingdom. Narrow is the gate and only few find it
  • Now we are taught how to recognize false prophets. First we have to realize that there are and then identify them by their fruit
  • True disciples are defined as people who do the will of the Father. Others will have done powerful things
  • Building a solid foundation requires listening and following Jesus’ teachings. Those who don’t will have a foundation made of sand and it will not last

In Matthew 7 we see that Jesus talked about quite a few different things. When he tells us not to judge others, He is telling us to examine our own motives and conduct. He is not telling us to overlook the wrong behavior of others. He wants us to be discerning rather than negative.

Pigs were unclean animals according to the law. Anyone who touched them could not worship in the temple until the uncleanness was removed. We should not entrust holy teachings to unholy or unclean people because they will only try to tear apart what we say. We should be wise as to who we share our faith with.

We should persist in pursuing God because knowing Him takes faith. “Do unto others” is better than “Don’t do to others” because it’s not very hard to hold back from doing something to others.  However, it is more challenging to “do unto others” especially when we feel they don’t deserve it.  The narrow gate does not mean it is difficult to become a Christian. But that there is only one way through Jesus.

We should evaluate teachers’ words by examining their lives to see if it is fruitful. Now Jesus sums it all up by letting us know the benefit of listening and following His teachings. My life will be built on the solid rock so I will be able to withstand the storms of life and will not fall when they come.


As I read Matthew 7, all of it makes sense and I completely agree with it all.  However, I realize that making these things “who I am” in my daily life is where the real struggle is.  Yet if I do this, I am building my life on a solid foundation.  Since I have become a Christian I have gone through many things.  However, there was one that was the toughest of all and it was then I was able to see what kind of foundation I really had.  This is what happened when I lost everything (my wife, my ministry, my job, my house). Whenever I read about having a solid foundation, I am reminded of my past and how knowing Jesus was all I needed and that He truly is my everything.  I need to continue to seek Jesus and abide in Him.  I need to let His word change me from the inside out.


Lord thank you.  Thank you for being my solid rock.  Thank you for being my strong tower. Thank you for being my shield.  Thank you for being my fortress. Thank you for being my strength.  Show me Your ways so that I will know You and follow You all the days of my life.

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
I have to be vigilant to not redefine 'do not judge' to 'don't get involved', "it’s not very hard to hold back from doing something to others" is exactly right - it is an easy default for which I will be judged. Lord, help me to persistently pursue you today domestically, vocationally and recreationaly. Amen.

Thu, August 27, 2015 @ 7:56 AM

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