7 John


David Bruechert


John 7:1-52


  • Jesus goes around in Galilee because he doesn’t want to go to Judea where the Jewish leaders were looking for a way to kill him. Jesus’s brothers encourage him, in a mocking way, to go to Judea for the Festival of Tabernacles so he can publicly show himself to the world. Jesus tells them that he isn’t going to go because his time has not come yet. After they leave he goes to the festival in secret. The crowd was talking about him, but had different opinions about whether he was good or was deceiving the people.
  • Jesus started teaching in the temple courts half way through the festival. The Jews were amazed that he had so much learning without being taught. Jesus says his teaching is from God and is not his own and that he is a man of truth. They tried to seize him, but couldn’t because his time had not yet come. Jesus asks why they are trying to kill him in violation of the law of Moses. The crowd thinks he is crazy from demon-possession and that nobody is really trying to kill him. Jesus claims that they are angry with him for healing a man on the Sabbath when they will circumcise a boy on the Sabbath to fulfill the law of Moses.
  • Then some people started to realize that Jesus is the guy the leaders are trying to kill. But he is speaking publicly without opposition, so maybe the leaders concluded that he is the Messiah. They know where Jesus is from, but they aren’t supposed to know where the Messiah is from. Jesus again says he is not here on his own authority, but the one who sent him is true and Jesus knows him. They tried to seize him (for claiming to be that close to God), but couldn’t. He predicted his death and resurrection in a cryptic way and the crowd couldn’t figure out what he meant. He promises the Spirit to those who believe in him. Some believe his is the Prophet and some believe his is the Messiah. Jesus is from Galilee and the Messiah will be from David’s descendants in Bethlehem.
  • The chief priests and Pharisees sent guards to arrest Jesus while he was talking. They did not arrest him because of the way he was speaking. The Pharisees claimed Jesus had deceived them. Nicodemus tried to get Jesus a fair hearing, but they mocked him for being from Galilee too.


I see several themes repeated in this passage. 1) People were amazed when they encountered Jesus. 2) Jesus’s authority comes from God. 3) They could not seize Jesus because his time had not yet come. 4) They think that nothing good can come out of Galilee.

I want to be amazed when I encounter Jesus. After being a Christian for a while encountering Jesus can become “normal” instead of “amazing”. I want a fresh perspective when I see God working. I want my reaction to change from “God is good” to “Wow! God is great and wonderful”.


Lord Jesus, help me to see you with fresh eyes. Help me and all of your children to look at how you are working in our lives and be amazed at your authority and your love for us.

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1. jim Asselin wrote:
Thanks Dave
The picture of streams of living water caught my attention. Living water provides life, but it scours away hard rock - even changing the landscape. God's spirit does that too, available for anyone who comes and drinks from it, and it will rub against, and be offensive to those who oppose it (like Jesus in the temple) - either way it makes a change. If I am a living testimony of God, then regular, consistent streams of God's Spirit need to flow from me (us), otherwise, the landscape cannot change. This tells me that there is something about consistency and faithfulness that shouldn't necessarily expect immediate results, but to be at peace with what God has given me (us) to do and expect Him to provide the power to change. It may come in a flash flood, or in a slow trickle, but wither way God makes a change. Let it flow.

Fri, October 30, 2015 @ 9:07 AM

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