6 John


Karen Miller


John 6:1-71


There seem to be several questions answered in this passage.

  • Who is Jesus?
  • What will Jesus do for us?
  • What are we to do for Jesus/God?
  • How do people come to know God?

Who is Jesus?  (Who do people think He is? Who does Jesus proclaim to be?  What does Peter say?)

  • After Jesus feeds the 5000, the people see the sign and believe him to be a PROPHET of God.
  • They want to make him a KING, but he doesn’t plan to be the king that they want.
  • Later they refer to Jesus as RABBI, a teacher of the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • But Jesus describes Himself as the BREAD OF LIFE (3x).
  • Jesus refers to Himself twice as the SON OF MAN (reference to Messiah in Daniel 7)
  • Jesus says He has come down from heaven to do His Father’s will
  • The people remember he is the SON OF JOSEPH and has an earthly father.
  • Peter sees Jesus as LORD, the one with words of eternal life, THE HOLY ONE OF GOD.

What will Jesus do for us?

  • The people gather because they saw the signs Jesus was performing on those who were sick.
  • They seek him because he gave them their fill of food.
  • In vs. 20, He is the one who calms their fears and brings them safely to shore
  • But Jesus wants to give them a greater gift, His own flesh
  • Jesus wants to give them eternal life
  • Jesus promises that those who come to him will never hunger and never thirst…(My interpretation:  He is the one who will truly satisfy all our inner longings).

What are we to do for God/Jesus?

  • In vs. 27 Jesus tells them not to work for food that perishes but work for food that endures to eternal life.
  • The people want to know how to do the work of God.
  • Jesus tells them, ““This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent.”
  • Later Jesus tells those in the synagogue that they must eat his flesh and drink his blood.  It is a difficult statement and many no longer follow Jesus.
  • What does it mean that we are to eat his flesh and drink his blood?   My take is that we are to partake of communion and remember Jesus’ death and resurrection.  And we too are to take part in His death and resurrection by dying to ourselves and living for God.

How do people come to know God?

  • 3x times it says that no one can come to Jesus unless God draws him.


  • Jesus is the Bread of Life and those who come to him will never hunger or thirst
  • Jesus wants to give eternal life to those who believe
  • Jesus isn’t just a prophet, or king or rabbi, but LORD, the Messiah, the Holy one of God.
  • Examples to follow:
    • The boy with the loaves and the fishes gives the little he has and God multiplies it to bless many.  We should follow the boy’s example and trust God will use the little we have.
    • The disciples, though afraid, welcomed Jesus into the boat, and they were protected and saved.  We too should invite Jesus into whatever difficult boat we are in and trust Him.
    • Jesus came not to do His own will but the will of the Father. We too should not follow our own will but strive to do the will of God.
    • When many fall away Jesus asks the disciples if they want to leave too.  Peter boldly exclaims, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You the have words of eternal life.”  We too should spend time with Jesus listening to the words of eternal life.


  • Bring the little I have to the table and ask God to multiply it for His glory.  May the small ministry I have in my neighborhood be multiplied for His glory.   May the love and care I have for my students be multiplied for His glory.   May the work we do to teach 8 kids on Wednesday nights multiply for His glory.  May the time I spend caring for, equipping and encouraging shepherds be multiplied for His glory.
  • In every difficult situation I encounter may I remember to invite Jesus into the boat and trust Him to guide me safely to shore.
  • When I have unmet longings/desires/hopes may I turn to Jesus who is the only one who can truly satisfy.
  • May I surrender my will each day to God so I can do His will.   As it says, the flesh proftis nothing but the Spirit gives life.
  • May I spend time with Jesus in His word and may those words bring life to myself and to those I encounter.
  • May I pray for God to draw specific people to Himself; specifically my neighbors: Kipp and Judi, Laura, Eliana and Livia, Megan and Leanne.


Lord, thank you for your word that is living and active. Thank you that you can multiply my meager efforts for your glory.   Please take what little I have in terms of time, talents, and resources and use them to bless many and draw many to yourself.  Help me daily to surrender my will to you, my flesh. It profits nothings.  Let me walk by your spirit and do your will so that I might partner with you in bringing life to others.   And Lord, when I am tempted to think that you are not providing for me and I hunger and thirst for worldly things, remind me that you are the Bread of Life and the only one who can truly satisfy.  And Lord, you know it has been difficult to spend time with you in the last month or two.   Thank you for a better week in that regard and help me put you first and have daily time with you.   And may your word be a constant source of rebuke, correction, guidance, encouragement and blessing.  Thank you that are more than a prophet, an earthly king or a rabbi.  Thank you that you are the Holy One of God, our Messiah and Savior, and who gives life and life eternal.

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