3 John


Jim Asselin


John 3:1-36


  • Nicodemus, a prominent Pharisee, visits Jesus one night
  • Nicodemus testifies that Jesus’ works demonstrate he is from God
  • Jesus tells Nicodemus that without being born again, that it is impossible to recognize God
  • Nicodemus takes this as a literal physical birth and asks Jesus to explain
  • Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must submit to God spiritually in order to enter God’s kingdom using metaphors like wind, that you cannot see or touch
  • Nicodemus asks Jesus what he means by this
  • Jesus says that he speaks the truth but Nicodemus does not accept it
  • Jesus refers to himself as The Son of Man and uses the account of Moses lifting up the serpent for the people of Israel to gaze upon and be healed, and compares it to himself being lifted up so that people might believe and be healed
  • Jesus tell Nicodemus that through God’s love for the world, He gave his only begotten Son, and that by believing in God’s Son, one will not perish but that faith will bring everlasting life
  • Jesus says that men run to darkness and evil naturally, but that those who live in truth welcomes God’s light
  • While John and Jesus were both baptizing in different locations, John’s followers approach him complaining that people are going to Jesus
  • John refers to himself as the bridegroom’s (Jesus’) best man and that he, John is pleased people are responding to Jesus. John also states that it’s time for Jesus’ ministry to increase and for his (John’s) to decrease
  • John states that The One who comes from heaven is loved by the Father, testifies of the truth and is worthy of placing one’s faith in


Like Nicodemus, I still find myself asking to be convinced of Jesus’ lordship rather than observing, listening to his Spirit and acting in faith. In addition, my private face with God is often different than my public face, I come to Jesus in the dark, when no one is looking, or I come to Him in the church building and forget to in other areas of my life.  Some of the most impactful scripture reminds me of God’s love for me in times like this. God gave his only Son, who he was in eternal fellowship with, and gave him to me, for my sake. I am not condemned, but forgiven, loved and God has plans for me here and in eternity. In all areas of my life, I need to decrease, have faith that God is able to transform me, so that He can increase.



I am amazed by the honesty of scripture, and how You allow average men and women          with all of their doubts and weaknesses to partner with You in Your plan and purpose. Help   me to know Your great love so that no insecurity can stand up against it. Help me to know Your great fellowship so that no loneliness can separate us. Help me to be convinced of Your truth so that no lies can taint it. May my actions speak of that great, intimate knowledge and fellowship so that You are a living being in me and in the presence of many witnesses. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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