3 Hebrews


Karen Asselin


Hebrews 3:1-19


This was written to Christian Hebrews who were currently in a Jewish cultural time when those around them were still practicing & trusting in the Levitical ways and honoring Moses above all prophets.

In our DNA Replicating class, the second hill in God’s Story in The Law of Moses—or, really God’s Law, given by Moses; but in Jewish tradition, Moses is of upmost importance & so when the writer of Hebrews puts Jesus higher than Moses, it is a big challenge for the Jews receiving the message. And the author of Hebrews wants to make the point clear.

In verses 5&6 Hebrews tells us that “Moses WAS (past tense) faithful as a servant IN all God’s house, bearing witness…” This is a position worthy of honor, but in contrast “Christ IS (present tense) faithful as the Son OVER God’s house…”  He is, in fact, the builder of the house. v.4  And we are his house…” We need to hold firmly to that confidence and hope! When “we hear his voice, we are not to harden our hearts”v.8…”but encourage one another so none may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness”. V.13

Finally the author talks about those who rebelled and did not enter the Promised Land “because of their unbelief.” Surely this does not mean complete separation from God in hell, but that their unbelief caused them to have their days end in the desert instead of intended place & purpose—which is not peaceful or restful.


The Israelites put their hope in Moses & the Law, something they could see and touch & read, instead of a God, who provided all they needed for more that 40 years, because they couldn’t see God, and so they sinned and had no rest.  Let us not have unbelieving hardened hearts!  When we see our brothers and sisters going the wrong way or getting discouraged, let us encourage them to belief!  Perhaps we could send an email with the words of a prayer we have been praying for them.  Or set a new alarm on our phone with their name on it & pray for them at a time we know we will be free to do so. Let us love our brothers & sisters in Christ well, …that we may be known by the love we have for one another!


God, thank you that You are the faithful builder of the house, and that we are that house, and that you build GOOD things. Please keep working in me--in us.  Help us in our unbelief, when we are not confident, when we are in that un-restful place, in those times when we begin to believe sin’s lies. Soften our hearts to Your ways and give us peace.

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