28 Matthew


Bill Huffman


Matthew 28:1-20


  • The motivation of Mary Magdalene and the other Mary in going to the tomb was to look at it.  Their hearts were bonded to Jesus.
  • When the messenger from the Kingdom of Heaven, which is what Jesus preached all through Matthew, appeared in power, we see again the contrast between the response of the Kingdom of Heaven and the response of those of this world.  The women were merely afraid.  The guards, who had no relationship to that Kingdom, feinted with the stress.
  • The messenger from the Kingdom of Heaven of course told his message - that Jesus was risen, just as he said - but he also paid attention to them personally and humanly in telling them not to be afraid and to come and see for themselves,
  • The women didn't hold back their hearts.  They were filled with joy, meaning that they trusted without reservation.  And Jesus met the desire of their hearts.  They had gone to look at the tomb and got to see Jesus alive.
  • Those of this world, the guards, the chief priests, and the elders, responded in the mode of this world.  They knew what they wanted and did their best to accomplish it.  The bribes and lies are the result of the desire of their hearts, which was entirely oriented around themselves and this world.
  • Those of the Kingdom of Heaven obeyed.  Some struggled to give their whole hearts (ie. they doubted) but they obeyed (ie. they went to Galilee).
  • Earlier Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand.  Now he says that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him.  I believe that means that the Kingdom of Heaven was no longer "at hand" but was then established.
  • Secondly, Jesus says his disciples are to make disciples.  By extension, those of the Kingdom of Heaven, even today, are to make disciples.
  • Thirdly, Jesus says he will surely be with us always.
  • These three are central to Jesus ministry earlier, as when he said he was "the Way, the Truth, and the Life."  Here are the same central realities again more as they apply to us than before when he was telling who he was.


I would like Jesus to take my heart out of the standard ways of the world and bind it to himself.  I would like to respond more naturally with the joy and the worship and less often with the plotting for my own desires.  I can't change that for a number of reasons, not least of which is that my desire to change would also need to be put aside.  But I do have confidence that Jesus can change me.


Jesus, when you were here in the world, you lived in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Please change me to be like you.  And I'm thinking most especially of you changing my drive to plot out for myself for this world.


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1. jim Asselin wrote:
Thank you Bill.
Father forgive me when the world's agenda seems more present than yours. You have told me your kingdom is established as is your will. Help me to rest in this and not to be bound by activity around me, the latest news, opinions, and polls. What really matters and what has always mattered is you and you alone.

Fri, September 25, 2015 @ 7:30 AM

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