22 Revelation


Joel King


Revelation 22:1-21


  • John is describing the heavenly realm
  • The tree of life is once again present and brings eternal life and healing to all in heaven
  • The curse of sin is broken and the saints are restored into right relationship with God serving God whole heartedly
  • They reflect God’s glory which shines so bright there is no need for the sun
  • This is an eternal state that has no end
  • God sent the angel so His servants may know what is to take place
  • Jesus is coming
  • His followers will be blessed if they followed His instructions in the book of Revelation
  • John tried to worship the angel but the angel affirmed that only God is to be worshipped (Jesus, who received worship, is God)
  • This book was to be shared with Christians to encourage them to stay faithful
  • It is not intended to change anyone’s mind who is living in rebellion
  • Jesus is coming and will reward those whose actions honor him
  • Jesus is the Beginning and the End (Just like God)
  • Jesus proclaims that “Blessed are those that wash their robes” most likely in the blood of the Lamb.  (This statement most likely refers to salvation through Jesus by Grace.)
  • The result of grace is entering into God’s realm and enjoying eternity as represented in the Tree of Life
  • There will be those outside the heavenly realm.  Sinners not covered by grace. (This is means there is not universal salvation for everyone no matter their choices.)
  • Jesus sent the angel to testify of Him and the future
  • Jesus is the Messiah, the promised eternal Priest and King.
  • The Church and the Spirit should all respond by saying to Jesus, “Come!”
  • When Jesus comes all those who want to can enter in by grace through the free gift of Jesus, the Living Water
  • There is dire consequences for all who change the truth in the scriptures
  • Jesus affirms He is coming soon
  • Until then John prays for the grace of Jesus our Lord to be upon His people.


I need to be encouraged and encourage other Christians that: Jesus is coming, we will enter into heaven by grace, there will be a reward for those who serve God faithfully, we will be healed of any and all infirmities, we will be restored back into right relationship with God, and we will happily serve Him without end.

If I really care about others, I need to share with them God’s love and grace.  Eternal separation from God is very real and very bad.  I can’t convince anyone, but I can at least let them know the truth.  And I can pray the Holy Spirit changes their heart and, as a result, changes their eternity.


Lord Jesus,

Thank you for your love and grace.  I confess that by my own merit, I would not be worthy of the glory of heaven.  Thank you that it is by your sacrifice that I can enter glory and participate in the eternal healing waters of the Tree of Life.  Help me gain strength in the midst of my failures now that in the end you will conquer the curse that has a hold on me and restore me back to yourself.  Please come soon.

Help me be a light for you for as long as I have to wait for your arrival.  Give me a boldness to share with people your love and grace.  Please use me to bring some into the kingdom that they might also experience life which is true life.

In the name of the Alpha and Omega I pray, Jesus.  AMEN

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1. Bonnie Fields wrote:
Amen. It is so good to be back with my family in Christ and read what is written above. It is very encouraging. May the Spirit use me to pass on this encouragement to others! Thank you, Pastor Joel.

Sun, January 3, 2016 @ 4:23 PM

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