21 Matthew


Kristy Espinoza


Matthew 21:1-46


In Matthew 21 Jesus comes to the city of Jerusalem.  He entered the city humbly, riding on a donkey's colt. People were so happy to see him, they lined the streets for him with their garments or with branches they cut from the trees.

He arrived at the temple to see people were selling goods, and changing money, Jesus was disappointed to see this, and he turned over tables, and drive out all the people.

Also, Jesus talks about the “parable of the evil farmer”.  Matthew 21:33

The landowner is GOD, the tenant would be those who are not believers, servants would be the believers, and his son would be Jesus.


With this passage, I was reminded that we need to have faith in all circumstances. Jesus said in Matthew 21:21 “ I tell you the truth. If you have faith and don’t doubt that you can do things...You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.

Also, in the parable of the two sons, to me it is better to not obey right away but eventually do it, then to obey and say yes and then never do anything.  So if you accept Jesus and then do nothing with that acceptance, no faith, no works, and no prayer, it would be better, to wait on accepting Jesus and when you do, then you do and give with everything, Prayer, Faith, Works..Spreading the good word..


Dear lord,

Thank you for this reminder that you want all of us, not just a little here, or there. That you want us to believe in you and all that you do! Thank you lord, that you have sent your Son to give us real life examples, that even speak to us now in the year 2015… Please help us to remember that you want us to come to you first. Thank you Jesus.


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