21 John


Eric Keener


John 21:1-25


After Jesus died and rose again, he began revealing himself to certain people. Here, we see that some of the disciples were trying to fish, all night they were there with nothing. Then, in the morning, Jesus calls out to them and tells them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat – and the miracles started happening. Not only did they catch so many fish that they couldn’t bring them in the boat, but the net itself didn’t even break! They recognized him at this point and began to eat breakfast with him.

Peter, who denied Jesus 3 times, is found by Jesus to be fishing – meaning that he went back to the old occupation he had before he met Jesus. But Jesus, full of compassion reminds Peter of how much love Peter has for Jesus. He says, if you love me, go tend to the flock and feed my sheep. His repetition, 3x seems like he is encouraging him and solidifying that he wants Peter back in the game. He even tells him of the awful death he will experience in the future but calls him, once again, to follow him.

Jesus reminds the disciples that the only thing that matters is that they all follow him. John, the author, ends the Gospel book by saying that there is no way to write about all the things that Jesus did.


To see a man that you followed as teacher and Lord get murdered and then miraculously show back up after his death, would be totally unfathomable. One thing remained the same though, Jesus never wanted them to stop following him, and the same goes for us. If, like Peter, we sin in horrible ways, even to deny our savior, Jesus would say to us, “get back up, dust off, and keep running hard!” His teachings remain true and are totally worth following – even to the consequences of persecution and death. I can’t help but think how necessary it is to know what Jesus taught, not just for us to follow it, but so we can also teach them to others.

We all have gifts that Jesus wants us to use. We need to make sure to practice these gifts and continue to follow what Jesus taught, no matter what happens. We need to run hard and finish well!


Dear Lord, Thank you that by the death of your son, Jesus, our sins were washed away; and that by his resurrection, we too have the hope of resurrection and an eternity to spend in your marvelous light. I can’t wait for heaven! Please open my mind to how worthy running hard here on earth it is and that our goal is to store our riches up in heaven and not here. Please put circumstances in our life that will grow us in our faith and love. Please come back soon. Amen.

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