2 Timothy 3


Karen Asselin


2 Timothy 3:1-17


Just after Paul’s exhortation to Timothy in Chapter 2 to live honorably & to correct others so they might come to repentance, he soberly describes to Timothy people who will live godless lives “led astray by various passions…and (will) never arrive at a knowledge of the truth” (v.7).  He makes it clear that some people will NEVER enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  In contrast, though Paul goes on to remind Timothy that he himself has suffered for The Gospel and “indeed, all who desire a godly life” (v.12) will suffer; yet they will gain eternity in Heaven.  The former have been “corrupted,…disqualified  regarding the faith” (v.8).  It seems that something, or someone, had to have led them to be corrupted. While Timothy, on the other hand, has learned from an early age (2Tim1:5) “the sacred writings (which have made him) wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus” (v.15).  His Mother, Grandmother, and father in Christ, Paul, all used the Scripture, “breathed out by God (which is) profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness, so that Timothy would be equipped for every good work.” (v.16-17).


Ok, we know that there will be those who will not be saved, but are we taking part in leading anyone to be corrupted by our words or actions so that they are disqualified?  We know also that God is sovereign and will choose whom He chooses, but He does want us to partner with Him in His work of Salvation. So then, are we pouring God’s Word into those who are with in our sphere of influence?  Researchers with CEF Child Evangelism Fellowship tell us that the majority of people who come to know the Lord, make decisions before the age of 18.  That is before the human brain is even fully developed—which is around the age of 25 when their frontal cortex (an important place of reasoning) is fully formed. We, as adults, have a huge responsibility to help those who are younger, in age and in faith, to become godly men & women-- to “train them in righteousness.”  Timothy had his Mom & Grandma speaking into his life.  Whose lives are you currently speaking into with the “God-breathed” scriptures?


God help me to not just teach my children, especially the youngest ones, to keep their rooms clean and pick up after themselves, eat their vegetables, do their homework, to speak politely & to be respectful of people and property, but to TEACH them YOUR words, to read scripture to them out-loud, regularly. To speak of these things “when (we) sit in our house and when (we) walk along the road and when (we) lie down and when (we) rise up.” Duet 11:19   Remind me how important YOUR words are for their Salvation, and so that they won’t be deceived.  Thank you God for the people who have poured into my life, who have spoken Your Truth into my life.  Thank you for your Word, God.  I love you.

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1. Stephanie Ramirez wrote:
Amen to your prayer Karen! This is where my heart is too lately. And God is making it clear to me that above all else, I need to help my kids grow in their relationship with Him, understand their dependence on Him, and know that He will never leave them or forsake them. Life won't always be easy and there will be heartaches but God will ALWAYS be there.
God, help me to be the mother my kids need and the mother You want me to be. Help me to love my family well... and love ALL the people You have put in my life well. Amen.

Mon, July 13, 2015 @ 1:54 AM

2. Jim Asselin wrote:
Thank you honey (Karen's my wife) I pray we both strive as parents in this way.
I noticed v7 says 'always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth'
And so this reminds me that no one is able apart from the Spirit of God to come to a knowledge of him.
Lord, temper my learning with a yearning to test and approve what your will is, your good, perfect and pleasing will. In this way make me the real authentic servant you desire, with the knowledge of your word and the knowledge of who you are and who you have made me to be. In this way remove my enthusiasm for self and instill a greater portion of your spirit so that the knowledge of you would spread among those created in Your image.

Mon, July 13, 2015 @ 9:21 PM

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