2 Timothy 2


Eric Keener


2 Timothy 2


  • Paul is talking to Timothy with the endearment of a father
  • Be strengthened implies that there is hard work to be done which is directly followed by him telling Timothy to start passing on what he is taught which is the gospel and how to live in light of it. Not just to pass it on, but also to pass it on to people who are devoted to further pass it on down the line.
  • Paul uses a great metaphor about being a solder, who will only obey the commands of his superior. Not that they are removed from civilian life, but they are not caught up in it.
  • An athlete has rules to follow and training to do as does the farmer who gains from his hard work.
  • Paul exhorts Timothy to make the effort to meditate on these examples so that he can understand them.
  • He roots his thought in the Gospel and reminds him that it cannot be bound.
  • Those that say they live by the gospel are also to take part in everything that comes with it from pain to glory.
  • Paul makes an interesting assertion that arguing over words does no good. I wonder if the conclusion can be drawn that we should be more focused on actions and words.
  • Repentance from our uncleanness is necessary before we can be set apart for good and honorable use.
  • Staying away from evil is not mentioned, however in v 24, the servant of the Lord is encouraged to endure it with patience.
  • In order to gain knowledge of the truth, repentance is the step before it.


  • The discipleship strategy can partly be seen in how Paul tells Timothy to take what he has learned and teach it to others in such a way that they can then teach others down the line.
  • If we are compared to soldiers, athletes and farmers, we must apply these principals by obeying our commander, running hard, and tilling/planting/watering gospel seeds.
  • Do we know what is acceptable and pleasing to God? Because if we do, application looks like working toward that.
  • We must work very hard to make sure we are working according to how God has called us to work.
  • We should work very hard to consciously step away from things that are not Christ centered or Kingdom focused.
  • We need to consciously step away from foolish arguments and passions.


Heavenly Father, you have given us a high calling as Your soldiers, Your athletes, Your farmers. Please show us the gravity of this calling. Please show us how we need to repent to be used more by You. Please show us how to love you better.  Amen.


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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Eric, your question - do we know what is acceptable and pleasing to God - is so important, because when I know, I am in relationship with him. In addition, when I "know" I am supposed to be pursue faith, love, righteousness and peace but I am impatient and unkind with others, then I don't really "know" - I just have a head knowledge - but knowing and understanding is experiencing and living out and testing these things - then I really know. That's the kind of knowledge I pray is instilled in me.

Sat, July 11, 2015 @ 9:18 AM

2. Karen Miller wrote:
Eric, I liked your comment, "We should work very hard to consciously step away from things that are not Christ centered or Kingdom focused." I liked the image Paul gives of the soldier who is not entangled in the affairs of every day life so he may please the one who enlisted him. May God show us where we are entangled in worldly affairs and give us the grace to strive to please the One who enlisted us.

Wed, July 15, 2015 @ 4:41 AM

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