2 Peter 2


Bob Relyea


II Peter 2:1-22


1) The false prophets that have been with us in the past are the same as the ones with us now.

2) They deny the master and bring destruction down on themselves.

3) They lead themselves and others into sinful lives.

4) They slander.

5) They are greedy.

6) They are doomed.

7) Examples of Gods' wrath against them:

a) Fallen angels condemned to hell.

b) The Flood.

c) Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

8) God rescues the godly: Lot in Sodom is the example.

9) Their chief sins: 'indulging the flesh', despising authority.

10) They are more crass than fallen angels.

11) This is because of their naivety about God. Like animals not understanding the trap they are caught in.

12) They preach freedom when they are still enslaved to sin.

13) They lead those how have been freed by Christ back into bondage of sin.

14) This is worse than when being just enslaved to sin without knowing the freedom in Christ.


1) The call of sin is strong.

2) Beware of teachers that do not call sin sin.

3) If you are a leader, watch out for slander, greed, or despising authority -- as well as the 'fleshly' sins.

4) Sin will 1) take your freedom away, and 2) lead you to destruction.

5) We need to return to our freedom in Christ, which is freedom from sin, not freedom to sin.



Help me to guard my heart and my tongue so I won't slander or fall into selfishness. Help be to respect those who have authority over me, and turn back to you when sin threatens my freedom in you. You have made yourself clear on how you view sin, help me not to be naive about your character here.


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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Thank you Bob
This passage really calls out sin and evil. When there is no confession that something or someone could be all good,(God) then there is a less likely chance that anything will be called evil, by doing so then one has to admit that something is all good - God. Men go to great lengths to avoid this and so we see the acceptance of evil and the whitewashing of it in order to temper it and not make it look so bad. But things quickly spiral downward and out of control when there are no moral boundaries - depravity is a good word. I lived in that ignorance but for the grace of Christ, his agape love is unconditional. Therefore, I am reminded today that I am to love others unconditionally, but that takes on new meaning today...not conditional upon how safe I feel, not conditional upon that person's title or authority, not conditional upon their perception or rejection of me. Your comment that they (the unrepentant) are like animals not understanding the trap they are caught in is how we should look at our world. Christ is the key to unlock that trap, and we have Him.

Fri, August 14, 2015 @ 6:53 AM

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