2 Corinthians 5


Joel King


2 Corinthians 5:1-21


· Paul starts with an example of what is seen versus what is unseen
· The bodies we have are like a tent that someday will be taken down and put away
· In their place we will have a new heavenly body made by God
· That body will be our permanent body that never needs replacing
· That idea is very exciting, and sometimes we get frustrated with these temporal bodies
· This current body is like living in a shanty
· And they are nothing compared to our heavenly bodies
· God made us so we might someday have these new bodies
· God gave the Holy Spirit as a guaranteed down payment that he will fulfill his promise of giving us a new body
· We are confident that God will come through
· And believe that this body will perish, and then we will get to be with Jesus
· No matter what our goal is to please him, whether it is the temporal body or the eternal one
· We all will be judged for how we stewarded the life God gave us (This is different than salvation judgment which no-one passes without Jesus)
· Since our eyes and worth are squarely set on the Lord we make it our goal to persuade others about God and his good news about Jesus
· God knows we are sincere in this and hopefully the Corinthians see it too
· Paul is not trying to get them to complement him, but he does hope they will be proud of their spiritual father. And that they will use Paul’s example to rebuke those that are using the good news for their personal advantage in the here and now.
· If they sound like the are crazy, it is because they are single mindedly serving God
· If there is any sanity in what they are doing, it is for the benefit of the Corinthians who learned about Jesus through Paul and his companions
· Because they love Jesus, they are compelled to serve
· Paul is convinced that Jesus died for everyone who believes, and those who believe have died to their old ways
· And those of us who follow Jesus should now live our lives not for ourselves but for Jesus who died for us and rose from the grave
· They no longer see the world through a worldly lens.
· They use to look at the Messiah through a worldly lens
· But those who follow Jesus are new creations. They no longer look at life through the old lens but through a new one
· This new life comes from God, who brought us back into relationship with him through and now he asks that we invite others back into relationship with God
· God made us right with him through Jesus, he no longer counts our sins against us,
· Paul and his companions now share this message with others
· They see themselves as direct representatives of Jesus himself
· In fact, he implores the Corinthians now who haven’t fully embraced this good news to do so. Be reconciled to God through Jesus
· Because God put our sins on Jesus who bore them on the cross so that we might be made right before God


· I need to live a life that reflects an eternal perspective rather than a temporal one.
· It is ok to take care of the physical needs now, but the more lasting investment is eternal
· The most important eternal investment I can make is sharing the good news about Jesus with others
· My salvation is secure through Jesus, but I will still give an account for the life I lived for Jesus in service to others
· I should serve Jesus not out of duty, but love and thankfulness for what he did for me
· The holy Spirit now lives in me, and I need to live life by His guidance, rather than by the appetites of my flesh
· My new life in Jesus should result in my becoming his representative to others.
· Others need to hear about God’s love and Jesus sacrifice and resurrection from me.


Dear Father in heaven,
Thank you for your love and your salvation. Thank you that I no longer have to worry that this life is the best it is ever gonna get. Help me say no to the desires of my fleshly tent, and yes to the Holy Spirit within me. I want to invest my life into things that will last. Open my eyes to people who need to hear about Jesus. Lead me to those who you are calling to yourself. Help me represent you well. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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