2 Corinthians 2


Joel King


2 Corinthians 2:1-17


· Paul says that he hasn’t visited them because he didn’t want to grieve them with a painful visit.
· He would rather think of them with joy
· He wrote a letter so that when he comes things would be taken care of and it would be a joyful visit.
· His letter was written out of love for them
· The person who caused all this has caused the Corinths more pain than Paul himself
· The punishment given (in the last letter . . . see 1 Cor. 5:1-5) was sufficient to help him repent
· Now they need to forgive him and encourage him
· They need to reaffirm they love him
· The first letter was to see if they would be obedient and do what needed to be done
· If they restore this man, he is restored by Paul as well
· He doesn’t want them and him to be divided and give the enemy a foothold
· He went to Troas to preach the good news about Jesus the Messiah
· There was a great opportunity there, but he didn’t stay because he needed to find Titus who could update Paul about what was happening in Corinth
· But thankfully, Titus report was good.
· Thank God that through the Messiah, Jesus, we have victory which comes by knowing him
· Because we know Jesus we give off a sweet aroma that goes right to God, and it is recognized by those who God is calling to himself.
· But those who aren’t choosing to respond to God’s call aren’t impressed, can’t smell the sweet aroma of Jesus, and instead are hostile to us who follow Jesus.
· Sharing the good news is an important responsibility that not anyone is competent of doing
· There are some who take the truth and water it down so that others will give them money for their false message.
· But we say what we would say if Jesus was standing right next to us. For our message comes straight from Jesus and is not changed.


· We should be fully vested in the lives of those we are discipling
· Our main goal should be encouragement and we should be quick to forgive when people are willing to try and change
· We should take serious our responsibility to share the good news with others.
· Thanking God for those who respond positively, and not taking it personal when folks respond harshly
· We should not shrink back from the truth, but share it boldly for it is Christ’s message


Thank you for choosing to show me your grace, love, and forgiveness. Please help me work hard and diligently in discipling others as well as sharing your good news with others. Help me love people enough to point them to you. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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1. Rob Schulze wrote:
amen... and Father, may our lives be motivated out of love for you. May we pursue integrity, self-sacrifice and opportunities to point people to the hope that we have in Jesus. Lord, It's been awhile since I've had a significant gospel conversation with a non-Christian. Would you draw someone to Jesus by placing me in their path so that you could use me to point them to you? In Jesus name, Amen.

Mon, April 20, 2015 @ 9:25 AM

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